The Division Heartland: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

It won't be long before we're thrown back into The Division and experience an entirely new form of warfare. Sounds interesting, right? You have no idea. Let me tell you all about it.
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Are you prepared to enter the Heartland? | © Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment

Did you think Ubisoft was done with The Division? Hell no! This franchise has serious potential, and it will become part of mainstream gaming culture. Why, might you ask? Ubisoft is spending millions on developing The Division Heartland for 2022/23. But there’s very little information available for this upcoming shooter, as Red Storm Entertainment has chosen to remain quiet. We know that The Division Heartland remains stable, as inside sources have mentioned that this game could launch today with few glitches.

The Division Heartland has experienced its fair share of leaks since being announced in May 2021. For instance, we’ve learned about some massive gameplay details that suggest this franchise could be rebooted into a survival-themed shooter. Personally, we would love the opportunity to experience this version of The Division, but won’t know how the game plays until it’s released. For now, let's see what this game is all about.

Is The Division Heartland Coming Out In 2022?

Red Storm Entertainment announced The Division Heartland in May 2021. Therefore, the chances this game will release within the upcoming year is unlikely. But that’s a good thing because Ubisoft will have the additional time needed to polish this upcoming game. Realistically speaking, we’re expecting The Division Heartland to release sometime within 2023. That would follow the leaked rumors from Tom Henderson, who’s a notable source in the gaming industry.

Ubisoft will publish The Division Heartland onto the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. However, there isn’t anything to suggest that Red Storm Entertainment is designing another version of this game for the PS4 and Xbox One. Like many of you, I’ll need to upgrade my console for The Division Heartland. Here’s to hoping the game is worth every dollar.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About The Division Heartland | All Leaks & Rumors

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Partner with your friends to overcome your enemies in The Division Heartland | © Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment

Inside sources within the gaming industry have suggested that The Division Heartland is being coordinated into a survival-themed shooter. It’s an exciting concept that should intrigue everyone, including ourselves. It’s been recommended that multiple game modes will be supported within an online component, with one multiplayer event supposedly resembling “Escape from Tarkov”. But we’d be surprised to see Ubisoft compete with Tarkov, as they’ve managed to build a community of loyal players.

Don’t worry; Red Storm Entertaining isn’t designing one gameplay mode into The Division Heartland. We’re happy to report that numerous gameplay modes are being introduced to players, meaning that there are more opportunities to expand your capabilities in this universe than ever before. Here's everything you need to know about these game modes:

  • Storm: This will stand as the primary gameplay mode for The Division Heartland. You’ll be thrown into combat against other enemies on a massive map known as Silver Creek. This gameplay mode combines looting, survival, and online combat into one event. Sounds familiar, eh?
  • Excursion: Anyone needing some preparation for this gameplay mode shouldn’t worry. Red Storm Entertainment has thought ahead and added Excursion, enabling everyone to prepare for combat by searching the Silver Creek map. I’m not sure about you, but I’ll be using Excursion to locate the best looting locations in Storm. Feel free to take that strategy; it should give you a distinct advantage over the competition.

Red Storm Entertainment is developing an active open-world environment on the Silver Creek map. It’s been confirmed by Tom Henderson that virus-contaminated chemical gas will spread throughout random locations within the map. As time passes within the online match, it won’t be an overall circle that encloses players, but instead minor pockets of gas. And we approve of this decision. It’ll add a significant dynamic to the gameplay and how everyone approaches their combat situations.

Strategy becomes a significant factor in The Division Heartland, as there will be various looting systems based on color coordination. We’ll have five looting variations coordinated by Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold boxes.

It’s essential to consider the looting systems in Heartland, as SDHs (Strategic Homeland Division Beacons) are located throughout Silver Creek. You need to access these locations to upgrade your resources, receive supply drops, and acquire temporary cures for the virus-contaminated gas. This should provide everyone with a small timeframe to avoid contaminated areas in Silver Creek. But don’t wait too long, as this could lead to an in-game infection that causes death. Sounds a little like a war-torn version of the pandemic we just experienced, eh?

Characters, Classes, and Base of Operations in The Division Heartland

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Will you become the ultimate survivalist in The Division Heartland? | © Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment

Everything reported suggests that The Division Heartland will maintain three character classes. However, there will be six individual characters that players can choose from upon launch. But we don’t know anything regarding these soldiers and their history within this universe. Instead, we’ve learned about what we can expect from these character classes.

  • Weapons Expert: Enemies are marked for five seconds whenever your firearm has damaged them. Additionally, armor repair is supported for nearby teammates and friendlies.
  • Survivalist: Crouching abilities enable the survivalist to locate unopened loot crates. These characters also have better chances of remaining unseen by nearby enemies.
  • Medic: Restore the health of nearby teammates and friends. Plus, medical personnel has superior melee capabilities than the weapons expert & survivalist.

Everyone will maintain an identical “Base of Operations” in The Division Heartland. It’ll be here that loadouts are customized, multiplayer lobbies are accessed, scavenged items are sold, and upgrades are purchased. The BOO will become an astronomical part of how we interact with this open world and overcome respective challenges.

Information regarding the customization options in The Division Heartland has been minimal. We’ve only learned about two preparation items that can be created within our BOO. These include the following:

  • Insertion Point: Select where you’d like to spawn in Silver Creek.
  • Stash Box: Craft materials in-game and store any consumables.
  • Buff Tower: Details haven’t been revealed to date.
  • Extractor Pod: Details haven’t been shown to date.

For now, there isn’t anything else known about this upcoming game. We’re surprised this much information is even available, considering The Division Heartland was only announced eleven months ago. But everything that’s been suggested so far suggests that this title will revolutionize how The Division franchise is approached for years to come. Isn’t this what we always wanted?

Is The Division Heartland Getting Released Onto PC And Xbox?

You don’t need to worry; The Division Heartland will be launched onto the Xbox Series X|S and PC. But we cannot provide you with an official date on when Heartland will be released. It could be sometime in Q1 2023 or later, but either way, there will be special editions available with the Xbox and PC. You can bet that Microsoft will work with Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment to get some exclusive content for their console.

Remember, this is the age when Microsoft and Sony are battling each other for content rights. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see Xbox defeat PlayStation in the acquisition of exclusive content for The Division Heartland.

Is The Division Heartland Part Of The Game Pass On Xbox?

It’d be surprising to see The Division Heartland launch onto the Xbox Game Pass on its release date. Instead, there’s a good chance that we’ll see this game be supported months or potentially years after it’s been officially released. Why, might you ask? Because Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment will want to maximize the initial profits for this game. If they were to release this title for free, it’d result in potential losses. Either way, Microsoft will likely convince Ubisoft to release The Division Heartland onto the Xbox Game Pass. The only question is when.

Game Trailer and Demo

Unfortunately, Red Storm Entertainment hasn’t provided an official trailer for The Division Heartland. Any gameplay footage has remained a secret, but that could change when E3 2022 begins later this summer. I expect we will receive more details about this upcoming game when the announcement trailer is likely launched at E3 2022. For now, we'd recommend watching some gameplay of The Division 2.

Game System Requirements

Since Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment haven’t released any footage for The Division Heartland, we cannot provide you with an accurate representation of which game system requirements will be needed.

It's presumed that GPUs like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 3060 will be capable of operating this title at peak setting. But this is speculative, with nobody knowing the genuine requirements for now. We’ll be capable of providing more details on the system requirements once a gameplay trailer is released for The Division Heartland.