The Forest Sequel Got Delayed

The Forest sequel, Sons Of The Forest, has been delayed again. It's a sad day for all fans indeed.

Sons of the forest release date
Are you ready to fight the demons? | © Endnight Games

You remember The Forest right? That survival game that was in everyone's mouths at one point? Yeah, that one was supposed to get a sequel. I mean... it is getting a sequel. But not anytime soon. Because once again, it got delayed, after it originally was supposed to release in May 2022 and now in October.

Listen, I've said this before, and I'll say it again: if developers need more time to release a game that's fully polished, then it's more than fine to postpone a game. You'd rather wait a little longer than be upset about countless bugs, right? Well, Endnight Games made the right decision.

Due to the scope of our new game Sons Of The Forest, it has been hard to pinpoint an exact release date, and today we have to delay one last time. Giving us time to complete the polish we feel is needed, we will release Feb 23, 20233, priced at $29.99USD.

February 23, 2023 isn't even that far away, we're already in September, guys (TLOU remake literally releases this week, what the hell). If you really can't wait at all, then you can already wishlist it on Steam and receive notifications on further updates.