This Game is Crysis meets Ghost Recon

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is working on his next big project, which is set to be a huge Battle Royale game. But what else do we know about this title?
Off The Grid Screenshot
This game looks spooky from the trailer alone. | © Gunzilla Games

Are you sick and tired of the same old Battle Royales coming out year-in and year-out? Well, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp might have something in store for you. He, along with the new studio Gunzilla Games have just released the trailer for their own Battle Royale 'Off The Grid'.

So, let's check out what this game will have in store and what we know about it. When is it being released and all that fun stuff. From the trailer we also catch a glimpse of one character, but will he be playable?

What is Off The Grid?

As mentioned already, Off The Grid is going to be a Battle Royale shooter game, but Blomkamp and his team wants to take it a step further than that.

With OTG, our ambition is not only to create the Battle Royale 2.0 by adding deep player progression, but to build an evolving world designed to take on a life of its own, changing in unexpected ways each time a player rejoins the game. With an innovative approach to the Battle Royale core session flow and a deep narrative experience, we add purpose to each element of the game, allowing players to revisit the OTG world repeatedly where there is always something new to find and explore, and for us to expand upon.


Sounds complicated, right? Well, with this game, Blomkamp wants to have the players and their decision influence the gameplay and the map. This seems a bit farfetched and outlandish, but looking at the staff behind the game, some ideas Blomkamp has could become a reality.

There is a reason the game reminds us a bit of Crysis after watching the (very short) trailer, and that is because Richard K. Morgan, who worked on Crysis, is the co-writer of the game. Other names like Timur Davidenko, who led the development of CryEngine, are also in the mix for this game.

So, will Off The Grid revolutionize the Battle Royale genre? We will have to wait to find out.

When Will Off The Grid Release?

The release date has not been made official, but the game should be released in 2023 for the PC. Sorry console gamers, this one is not for you. So, if you're a fan of Battle Royale games, then you might give Off The Grid a chance, but after the trailer we can't form opinions yet because well... there isn't much to see anyway yet.