Minecraft Legends: How To Carry More Resources

Our short Minecraft Legends guide will show you how to carry more resources so that you can always have everything you need with you!

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Minecraft Legends: How to carry more resources? | © Mojang

Minecraft Legends may be a completely new version of the iconic square survival game, but the problem of limited inventory space still exists. This is quite annoying, so with this tutorial we will help you avoid getting frustrated and show you how to carry more resources in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends: How To Carry More Resources?

If you want to carry more resources in Minecraft Legends, you need to get an improvement called "Allay Storage." It costs 100 diamonds, 100 stones and 10 gold, but at this price it is worth it, as this upgrade significantly increases the resource limit.

After successfully acquiring the "Allay Storage" upgrade, your inventory space will be increased by up to:

  • +500 Wood
  • +500 Stone
  • +150 Lapis
  • +150 Prismarine
  • +150 Gold

That's a great solution! But remember; to unlock "Allay Storage" you must find gold first. You can earn it by killing Piglins or destroying their bases.

Minecraft legends allay storage
Allay Storage will help you carry more items! | © Mojang
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Although if you want to save resources or increase the limit in your inventory for a specific item only, you can also buy the "Gather" upgrade. This one costs 100 Stones and 100 Diamonds and can increase capacity to 150 stacks.

Minecraft Legends gather
Gather storage will also help you carry more items! | © Mojang

So much for carrying more resources in Minecraft Legends! There are various upgrades that you have to adjust according to your individual needs.

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