LoL Cats Vs. Dogs Skins: Champions, Price, Release & More

Riot just revealed their brand-new Cats vs. Dogs skins that will be hitting the Rift soon in League of Legends. Let's check out the champions and how much you'll have to pay for these silly new skin.

Cats vs dogs kled and kindred
LoL: Kled is getting a cool new skin. | © Riot Games

Cats vs. Dogs is a pretty old skin line that makes a return every second year or so for April Fool's. These are skins that players shouldn't take too serious, but that brighten up Summoner's Rift with their silly aesthetics and fun animations.

At the start of LoL Season 13, Riot revealed these skins would be making a comeback, showing off the splash of Kled and Kindred. Now the skins are finally here so let's check out who will join them in this fun new skin line!

LoL Skins: Cats Vs. Dogs - Champions

With players receiving a multitude of skins with Broken Covenant, as well as Faerie Court, Riot will take a short break this patch with only a few skins to show. There also won't be a big event or skin showcase with these skins, meaning players are going to just get the skins in the skin shop.

  • Cats vs. Dogs Kindred
  • Cats vs. Dogs Kled
  • Cats vs. Dogs Yuumi
  • Cats vs. Dogs Nidalee

Four skins will be released. Yuumi is getting a new skin after a multitude of changes to her kit and Nidalee, who is a human able to turn into a cat, is going to be strutting her stuff in a cat onesie. It looks silly and weird, but that's why we love this skin line.

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LoL Cats Vs. Dogs Skin: Cost

These skins are going to be Epic tier skins. This means each and every one of them will cost 1350 RP. With both Broken Covenant and Faerie Court getting Legendary and Prestige skins, Riot decided to just release Epic tier skins for this batch.

Will The Cats Vs. Dogs Skins Receive An Event?

These skins will not be getting an event. The Faerie Court event is still going to be going on, which means that players will be grinding the Faerie Court battle pass to be able to earn enough tokens for the prestige Katarina skin.

Therefore, these skins will simply release onto the rift without an event or a skin showcase, something Riot tends to do with 'fun' skin lines.

LoL Cats Vs. Dogs Skins: Release Date

These skins are going to be released in LoL Patch 13.7. While April Fools is going to take place during LoL Patch 13.6, these are considered the 'April Fools' skins of 2023. They will release on April 6, 2023 a day after the official League patch drops.

So, if you're looking for a fun new skin, then these are the ones to pick up. The highlight of the batch is definitely the Kindred skin which just looks incredible and turn the serious champion upside down!

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