LoL Patch 12.04 Preview

LoL Patch 12.04 will give us Renata Glasc and much more!

Admiral Renata splash
What a mommy champion. | © Riot Games

Patch 12.03 just dropped, and we got a bunch of changes, especially to the fighter role in the jungle and the top lane. So after a big patch like that, what can Riot come up with next?

Let’s check out the PBE server and what is coming our way in the fourth patch of 2022 — LoL Patch 12.04.

Renata Glasc Release in Patch 12.04

Renata Glasc, the much anticipated new support champion, will hit the rift in LoL Patch 12.04. She is a powerful Zaunite chem baron who uses her power to make chemtech beautiful. What does that mean, though?

Basically, she is an enchantress who can sway enemies to do her bidding for her, thanks to her ultimate. She can also revive champions for three seconds. She is a powerful woman that shouldn’t be messed with, and we’re so excited for her to be playable in the upcoming patch.

Fighter Item Updates

This one isn’t confirmed, but we suspect that in LoL Patch 12.04, a few of the updated fighter items will get some more changes as well. These updates have severely impacted the top lane and the jungle and with more player data, some more precise changes will be added to the mix.

The fighter update isn’t a 1-patch problem, but will take a few more to fully get balanced. Therefore, we suspect that in Patch 12.04 some more changes will hit these items to feel balanced.

Firelight Ekko Skin Released

Firelight Ekko was supposed to be released in LoL Patch 12.01 along with the Elderwood skins. After feedback from the community, Riot had to push the release back though, since the skin did not have any unique SFX, nor a unique homeguard, something that all 1350 RP skins should have.

So, Riot fixed their mistakes, listened to the community and have worked on all the issues with this skin, and now it’s ready for release in LoL Patch 12.04! So get ready, all you Arcane fans and Ekko mains! Ya boy is hitting the rift.

Shockblade Kassadin
Kassadin looks pretty epic thanks to this skin. | © Riot Games

Shockblade Skins in LoL Patch 12.04

Not only will the Firelight Ekko skin be released in LoL Patch 12.04, but we’re also going to be getting new Shockblade skins.

  • Shockblade Shen
  • Shockblade Qiyana
  • Shockblade Kassadin

Those are the three champions that will receive these skins. Shen joins Zed in this universe, and we’re hoping for some epic Shen vs. Zed lightning fighting. Wouldn’t that just be epic?

TFT Set 6.5 Update

We don’t usually write about TFT, but the next set is getting ready to head to the arena. In the 6.5 Set, anyone who is a fan of TFT can get hyped for their first ever unique character in the game — Silco! Yes, the same Silco that we loved from Arcane will be in TFT.

So, if you were a fan of Arcane, loved Silco and want to see more of him, then make sure to play some TFT, because Silco, Zeri and Renata Glasc will all be part of this set. It’s currently being tested on the PBE server, so it will be released in Patch 12.04.

When is LoL Patch 12.04 Releasing?

According to the official League of Legends patch schedule, the next patch is going to drop on February 16, 2022. Valentine's Day is February 14, which is why the lovey-dovey Crystal Rose skins were released in Patch 12.03 already. Have to gift that to your girlfriend, right?