LoL Patch 12.12 PBE: The New Melee Bot Laner

All issues regarding the durability update haven't been sorted out, there is a new champion on its way, and we are looking forward to some new skins! This is what you can expect for League of Legends Patch 12.12!
Project zed
Zed and his fellow assassins still haven't found their spot inside the new meta. | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.11 has just hit Summoner's Rift and with it comes a massive list of changes to the game. What does that mean for the future? Well, probably even more changes to go along with it. Riot hasn't quite found the sweet spot regarding overall game balance after the durability update that released with LoL Patch 12.10.

But let's not just talk about all issues and challenges that are part of the game. There is a lot to look forward to and we are delighted to share all info about Patch 12.12 with you. Let's go over everything we know so far.

Nilah – The New Bot Laner in League of Legends

Yes, you read it right! There is a new champion in the works at Riot Games but not only that. It might release even earlier than we thought. Bel'Veth, the Empress of the Void hasn't even fully arrived and there is already someone else on the immediate release schedule.

At first, it seems quite odd to have two champions release over such a short time span. It is safe to assume that Riot didn't plan for it to be that way. Bel'Veth's road to release sure was a bumpy one, there were leaks about several bigger issues that caused a delay in her development. This might stem from her being somewhat revolutionary regarding her overall design and especially her kit. The huge durability update obviously didn't help with implementing her into the meta either.

Enough talk about Bel'Veth, though! Let's spill the tea on Nilah, the newest addition to League of Legends' bot lane roster. The most exciting thing about her? She is going to be a melee bot laner! In a meta that has pretty much always been dominated by marksmen and more recently certain mages, a melee champion for the bot lane could stir up the meta pretty good.

Nilah's name also could indicate something about her design. It is of Arabic origin and means "water hyacinth", which is a flower that is growing in lakes all over the world. This would mean that our new bot lane champion has a close connection to water or even lives inside a lake or an ocean.

Her release is expected to be either Patch 12.12 or 12.13, which is why we'll be keeping a close eye on the next edition of the PBE server! Let's hope that we'll learn more about her pretty soon.

The Durability Update – Lethality Changes

These changes were actually supposed to hit the Rift with the current 12.11 patch, but Riot decided to further look into them and especially their impact on the assassins inside the game. Apparently, they weren't deemed to sufficiently balance out the assassins and other champions that rely on the Lethality items. Those were the proposed changes:

Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Lethality: 18 ⇒ 22
  • Lethality: 18 ⇒ 22
  • Damage Proc: 6% max. HP ⇒ 6% max. HP (melee) / 3% max. HP (ranged)
Prowler's Claw
  • Lethality: 18 ⇒ 22
Axiom Arc
  • Lethality: 10 ⇒ 13
Serpent's Fang
  • Lethality: 12 ⇒ 14

There were a lot of Lethality items bound to be buffed, but those changes were not deemed to solve the issues the assassins have since the release of the durability update. We expect to see a new rendition of proposed lethality changes on the PBE server before the public release of Patch 12.12.

New Snow Moon Skins And New Mythic Shop Content

Pantheon ashen knight
I don't know about you but I absolutely adore this skin. | © Riot Games

As always, we close out our preview with the skins we can look forward to seeing on the League of Legends test server. Let me say this, I am very much looking forward to these. We will not only see a whole new skin line but also the next Ashen Knight skin hitting the Mythic Shop with PBE Patch 12.12.

  • Snow Moon Kayn
  • Snow Moon Caitlyn
  • Snow Moon Illaoi
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon

Those Snow Moon skins just look absolutely *chef's kiss*, no doubt about it. The only questionable decision regarding those skins is releasing them in the middle of summer. I'm not really feeling all that fur clothing, but that doesn't change my opinion about them looking incredibly great.

Besides those Snow Moon skins and Pantheons cool new Ashen Knight skin, we expect a Star Guardian Event to drop pretty soon. Rumors say it's supposed to arrive with Patch 12.12, but there hasn't been any official statements by Riot Games about it, so we'll just have to stay on the lookout for it! But if it's releasing with LoL Patch 12.12 we expect Nilah as well, since she is rumored to have a Star Guardian release skin.

That is all we know about the next LoL Patch so far. Be sure to follow along for all updates about League of Legends!