LoL B-Patch 12.4: Renata Glasc Hotfixes

Since her debut in Patch 12.4 Renata Glasc's win rate has risen continuously. So now Riot will have to hotfix her before she becomes too powerful.

Renata skin
Isn't it obvious that this boss lady is too powerful? | © RIot Games

Renata Glasc is the newest champion to hit the Rift. The mommy — as our intern calls her (Editor: no, you call her that too, stop lying) — has climbed the ranks right off the bat of her debut. Okay, but let's be real here, who is going to stop her? With her unique crowd control mechanic, she's able to turn opponents into bersekers who kill their allies and well... we do think that she won't be the only champion who is going to have this type of ability in the future.

But all the philosophers amongst us know that time will bring change with it and so it is time that, only a week after her release, she is getting hotfixed because Gold II players can't deal with her.

B-Patch 12.4: Renata Glasc Changes

Similar to Zeri whose interactions with Runaan's were completely broken upon release, Riot will have to fix up a and tighten a few screws in regard to Renata Glasc as well. In a tweet, Riot Squad explained what the team was thinking while making the changes.

  • Base Stats: Armor per Level +4 >>> armor per Level +3.5
  • Passive (Leverage):
    • Damage reduction 1-5% for both Hits >>> Damage reduction 1-3% for both Hits
    • Damage reduction stagnates after Level 11 (will not increase after this level)
  • W (Bailout):
    • Cooldown 28-20 seconds>>> Cooldown 28-24 seconds
    • Reduce duration of burndown from 3 seconds>>> 2.5 seconds
    • HP at revive 35% >>> HP at revive 25 %

Honestly, these nerfs, especially the ones to her W, are not at all surprising. Currently, she's got a win rate of 51-53% which is insanely high for a newly released champion — Akshan has war flashbacks of his 32% win rate upon release. So to combat her power before people master her, Riot decided to nerf her zombie powers just a tidbit.

The changes to her passive will most likely only impact higher elo players according to Riot Squad. Let's be real guys, those of you stuck in Bronze III don't even bother trying to read a champion's passive, right?

With the E (Bailout) nerf, her late game scaling was adjusted. You'll have to stack cooldown reduction for the ability to be available often enough, which is why the cooldown had to be elongated. Riot and Zombies just don't seem to work too often, but let's see whether these nerfs will reel Renata in.

So, now that we checked out just what is going to hit us in the B-Patch, let's go over the future changes in Patch 12.5. One thing is for sure, we're getting some adorable bee skins!