Zeri Hotfix in LoL B-Patch 12.02

Zeri was released a week ago but she is already receiving a hotfix in this B-Patch.

Withered Rose Zeri
Zeri needed a little fix. | © Riot Games

Zeri was released a week ago and players have been finding ways to abuse her strong kit any way they could. Which items work best, how can she get the most movement speed possible? Just how broken is she?

So, to keep some semblance of peace on Summoner’s Rift, Riot has stepped in with a quick hotfix micropatch – something that happened right after Samira was released and also when Akshan had an abysmal win rate of 30%.

What is the Zeri Hotfix?

So, Zeri’s ultimate lets her gain immense amounts of damage, movement speed and attack speed – that is if you manage to hit someone with the boom of the ultimate early on, as explained in our Zeri champion guide video – just watch it below.

So, what had to be fixed on the ultimate? Well, certain items were a little too crazy on Zeri. That’s why Riot has decided to dial down the power on Zeri’s ultimate, so it wouldn’t bug out and ruin everyone’s game.

What Item Bug Was Fixed?

Zeri’s interaction with Runaan’s Hurricane was fixed in a mid-patch update on January 26, 2022. Basically, while Zeri is Overcharged after landing her ultimate, the chain lightning on her empowered Q will only proc only once per attack, rather than as an on-hit effect.

This makes her much more bearable in the long run to play against, and she won’t be shredding and destroying everything in sight while gaining a copious amount of movement speed, so she can run away from danger.

Was There Another Hotfix in the B-Patch?

Janna also received a quick fix in the B-Patch. At times, when using Glacial on her, the slow lasted much longer than intended, which is why Riot has fixed this issue as well in the B-Patch.

Janna should feel a lot more balanced to play right now, but sadly you cannot abuse Glacial Augment on her anymore. But she continues to be a very strong champion in the bot lane.

Were There Any Other Zeri Changes?

Zeri’s splash art was also overworked to make her skin a little bit darker, since she is supposed to be of Filipino descent, like Neon from VALORANT. That’s why the splash team has decided to darken her skin tone to represent that better.

Also, her smile was fixed, and she now looks less ‘anime’ which was also a well-received change by the community. So, now her splash is fixed, and she plays a lot better. What are you waiting for? Go out, play some ARURF and hope to pick up Zeri!