New LoL Zenith Games Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

The Zenith Games, you haven't heard of them? Where have you been, living under a rock? Well, Riot is bringing these skins to life, and we will all finally come out of hiding to find out what is up with this new and unique sport that looks... violent.

Zenith Games Blitzcrank Splash
He is the referee! | © Riot Games

There had been rumors regarding new and upcoming Sports Skins, and it seems like Riot has now revealed them. Sure, they're a bit early to be skins for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but they would have aligned perfectly with the 2022 Asian Games, which the skins were supposed to celebrate.

In the next patch, we're going to take the pitch of this futuristic ball game. Some of our favorite champions will be playing and doing their best to win the competition. All while we're also going to get a brand-new Viego skin that will fit in with the canon lore of Runeterra. Exciting stuff, right?

All Zenith Games Skins in 2022

Step aside FIFA 23 and the Olympics, we've got a new favorite sport and that is Zenith Games. What exactly is this sport...? Well, we don't actually know, but looking at the splash art above, we can see that it can get pretty violent.

  • Zenith Games Blitzcrank
  • Zenith Games Lee Sin
  • Zenith Games Jayce

These are all the champions participating in this year's Zenith Games, are you ready to show off your skill on the pitch aka Summoner's Rift?

This could be a hint at what the Zenith Games even are, right?

How Much Will the Zenith Games Skins Cost?

These skins will cost around 1350 RP since they don't look like they're going to be legendary skins. These are just fun and unique new sports skins with a futuristic take on them. Is this what the leakers were talking about when they mentioned Neon Inferno skins? Who knows....

Will We Get a Zenith Games Event?

We will likely not get an event for these skins. We just got finished with the 2022 Star Guardian Event and currently have another small event for the new Steel Valkyries skins in the client, which is why we don't think there is going to be a big event for these skins.

When Will the Zenith Games Skins be Released?

The upcoming Zenith Games skins are going to be released on September 8, 2022 with LoL Patch 12.17. These skins will be coming along with the King Viego skin which is going to be released alongside the upcoming League of Legends novel Ruination.

So, if you're excited about any new skins that have a fun new take, then make sure to check out the Zenith Games skins. We need to imagine the future of sports, right and well this could be that, right?