Nissan Z Performance In Rocket League: Bundle & Hitbox Explained

The Nissan Z Performance Bundle is available in the Rocket League Item Shop right now. The sports car looks pretty good, is quite cheap and features one of the best hitboxes in the game.

Nissan Z Performance Rocket League
Boost your performance in Rocket League with the Nissan Z! | © Psyonix

If you don't like the look of the Battle Car released with the current Rocket League season, but you're still searching for a new vehicle, Psyonix might have a pretty exciting bundle in the item store for you.

You can grab the Nissan Z Performance Bundle relatively cheap right now. Besides the legendary Nissan Skyline, it's yet another good-looking vehicle from the Japanese manufacturer. Here is all the important info!

Rocket League Nissan Z Performance Bundle: Release Time & What's In It

The currently released Nissan Z Performance Bundle is available in the Rocket League Item Shop from March 23 to March 29, 2023. This might be a short period, but Nissan is one of the brands to be featured multiple times in a year. So... if you miss this one, just wait for the next drop! The car should return every couple of months.

Compared to other bundles, the one featuring the Nissan Z Performance is quite small and cheap. It will cost you just 800 RL Credits! Here are the 3 items you'll get for your money:

  • Nissan Z Performance (Car Body)
  • Nissan Z Performance (Wheels)
  • Nissan Z Performance (Player Banner)

The car itself looks pretty dope... and we also quite like the player banner with its different colors. However, the wheels feel a bit lackluster and you should definitely use some other variants. Are you going to buy the bundle?

  • To do the Nissan Z justice, you'll need the right controller! It might not feel the same as getting behind the wheel, but it's the next best option!

Rocket League Nissan Z – Hitbox

The Nissan Z uses the popular Dominus Hitbox – as long as you've already read our detailed guide on it, you should know which effects this will have on your gameplay. You can look forward to a very flat, but extremely long body type. It's best used when you're the type of player to stay in goal and save your teammates' buts.

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