Rocket League Introduces Whiplash: New Fortnite Car Body & Hitbox Type Explained

We all know about the collaboration between Rocket League and Fortnite, but now it also affects the socCar arena. Introducing the Whiplash, Psyonix releases a new, exciting car body previously known from the Battle Royale Shooter. Here you can find all information about hitbox and release date.

Rocket League Whiplash from Fortnite
Fortnite x Rocket League: Use the Whiplash to dominate the Battle Arena! | © Psyonix

Rocket League and Fortnite are working together to bring legendary items from the other franchise into their own respective game. Regarding Rocket League, this means you now have a new car to dominate the battle arena with. The Whiplash from Fortnite is here to stay, and it's coming with its own hitbox, brand-new items and a lot of horsepower.

Rocket League Whiplash Hitbox Type Explained

For you to know whether the Whiplash in Rocket League suits your playstyle at all, we should first look at its hitbox. Although the "event" goes by the name of High Octane, the car doesn't feature Rocket League's most popular hitbox, but instead features the Breakout model. You can find a detailed guide to the Breakout Body Type here.

The dimensions of the Breakout hitbox are a bit extreme: it's the longest car type in Rocket League, but at the same time it's pretty damn flat and skinny. Unreachable balls can still be intercepted with it, while ground dribbling in particular becomes much more difficult.

High Octane: Challenges, Items And Release Date

The new Whiplash doesn't simply come as a bundle you can buy from the Rocket League Item Shop, but must (can) be unlocked for free. Psyonix has released some challenges that you should complete within a certain period of time in order to secure the car for your garage. You have to complete 8 out of 12 quests, then you will get the following rewards:

  • Whiplash (Breakout Hitbox)
  • Whiplash Wheels
  • Whiplash Decals (Flames, Stripes, Wings, Lightning)

From November 15 to December 3, you can unlock the Whiplash in Rocket League or Rocket League Sideswipe. Shortly afterwards, a new season already begins – so it's time to get sweaty and grind your heart out in the coming days!