Rocket League: Breakout Hitbox Explained In Detail

Rocket League has a total of six different car types of hitboxes. Today it's time to take a closer look at the Breakout Hitbox!
Rocket League Animus GP
The dinky Animus GP also uses the Breakout Hitbox! | © Psyonix

Rocket League and Hitboxes... a better love story than Twilight! It's pretty important that you know at least the basics of each car type, especially if you want to climb up the rankings to secure the tasty rewards at the end of each season.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, individual stats, as well as its own bodies. In this series, we will introduce each hitbox, look at their characteristics and for which cars they are available.

Up until the Anniversary Update in Rocket League Patch v1.35, each car even had its very own hitbox... Man that would be confusing nowadays! However, Psyonix has since scrapped this system in favor of focusing on a smaller selection of different hitboxes. Today, we're focusing on the Breakout Hitbox, so let's dive in...

Rocket League Breakout Hitbox: Dimensions


Breakout Hitbox


Dimensions are important in Rocket League as each hitbox can simply be controlled differently depending on how they are shaped. The Breakout Hitbox is particularly special here, and for a very specific reason: it's the longest Hitbox in the entire game, and it's very narrow and flat.

Of course, this is especially good if you can still scrape almost unreachable balls off the line. On the other hand, though, it can also happen that the ball simply rolls over you if you don't pay attention.

Rocket League Breakout
The Breakout has a pretty fantastic and unique hitbox! | © Psyonix

Rocket League Breakout Hitbox: Handling, Height, & Tilt

Rocket League Breakout Hitbox: Handling

Breakout Hitbox2.3452.014

So let's take a look at the handling next, here we have some pleasant news. Without constant boosting, the Breakout Hitbox has the best handling in Rocket League. Even the very popular Octane and Dominus can't compete with that.

During boosting, however, the whole thing looks quite different once again. Here, the Breakout Hitbox is actually much more sluggish, and you definitely have to plan for a large turning radius.

Rocket League Breakout Hitbox: Height & Tilt

Breakout Hitbox54.858975-0.99°

The Breakout Hitbox has the highest inclination in Rocket League! How to calculate that exactly is not particularly well known, but just do what you want with this information. Compared to the attributes that we have already listed, the slope is not that relevant anyway. Oh, and everywhere else, the Breakout convinces with a large surface area as well as a tiny turning radius!

However, you should also always keep in mind that these numbers can actually change at any time, if Psyonix decides to change some settings in the next Patch...

Which Battle Cars Also Use the Breakout Hitbox in Rocket League?

Compared to the cars that use a Dominus Hitbox, the list of Breakout Cars is relatively short. You can probably say that the Breakout Hitbox is not one of the most popular hitboxes in Rocket League, and Psyonix thus uses them rather rarely. That doesn't mean that the Breakout Hitbox is bad, though, so don't worry about that.

  • Animus GP
  • Breakout (Type S)
  • Cyclone
  • Komodo
  • Nexus / Nexus SC
  • Samurai

Breakout is only used by Rocket League connoisseurs and not universally like the Dominus or Octane. With this hitbox, you can also stand out from the masses very well!

Which Hitboxes Are Available in Rocket League?

In Rocket League, there are a total of six different Hitboxes that are used by all the cars in the game:

The hitboxes in Rocket League, which we have already explained to you in more details, we have marked in bold and linked to the respective articles, so you can find them straight away. Little by little, we'll work through each body type in Rocket League, so that you'll always know exactly what you're getting yourself into as soon as you try out a new car.

In addition, we've already clarified which hitbox is actually the best in Rocket League... of course, it always depends on your own taste, but a large part of the community celebrates two hitboxes in particular. Anyone who has been playing for a while will know exactly which two types we are talking about, though...

Rocket League Octane
Hells yes! Who needs the Octane when there's the Breakout Hitbox? | © Psyonix

That's all you need to know about the Breakout Hitbox in Rocket League. With your newfound intelligence, you can jump right into the game, rummage through your garage, style one of the Breakout bodies with the best wheels in the game, and then completely bust your opponents in the Battle Arena.

This article was originally written by Marco Kilian.