What Is The Age, Height & Weight Of All Valorant Agents

Although in the game, all Agents look equal in height and weight (due to balance reasons), in lore, however, things are a bit different. Let's see what the numbers tell us about the characteristics of Valorant Agents!

Brimstone sage height
Are Valorant Agents thick? | © Riot Games

In this article, we will look at the age, height, and weight of every single character in the Valorant universe. We have prepared a chart for you with all this information, so you can easily find them for your main Agent. However, before we present it to you, here are some TLDR statistics:

  • Youngest Agent: Neon
  • Oldest Agent: Brimstone
  • Lowest Agent: Neon
  • Tallest Agent: Breach

Valorant Agents – Age, Weight & Height Chart

Riot has never given us accurate information about the weight of any of the Agents, so this table will not contain information on this subject.

However, as soon as we get more information, we will update it.

Agent Name




190 cm


177 cm
Killjoy20-25175 cm



180 cm
Sova30-35190 cm
Sage25-30170 cm
Phoenix20-25182 cm
Jett20-25164 cm
Reyna25-30174 cm
Raze20-25165 cm
Breach30-35200 cm
Skye30-35169 cm
Yoru25-30177 cm
Astra25-30170 cm

175 cm


25-30180 cm


15-20160 cm
Fade25-30165 cm

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