Valorant Agent Guide: Omen

Omen wallpaper
Image credit: Riot Games

Our Valorant Agent Guide will help you catch up to all the beta players who’ve been playing the game since April. We’re going to give you an overview of each agent’s abilities and how to use them. You’ll get easily digestible guides, one agent at a time. Today we present to you the living shadow – Omen.

Valorant was officially released on June 2 and that was over two months ago. If you didn’t get the chance to play during the closed beta, you’d probably want to make up for a lost time. If you enjoy messing with your opponents and love surprising them when they least expect it then look no further than Omen.

Omen hasn’t been really the best or the worst in Valorant. He’s usually found in the middle of most tier lists, but most players don’t find him as useful as they should.

Omen Abilities Guide: Shrouded Step

Omen’s first basic ability is Shrouded Step (default C). Once activated you’ll see a range indicator. Aim at a target location and after a brief delay you’ll be teleported to it. Note that you’ll only make noise while channeling, but not when the teleportation is finished. If you’ve played Overwatch you’ll notice that Shrouded Step is basically the same as Reaper’s Shadow Step. It comes as no surprise that the two characters are even visually similar.

Shrouded Step allows Omen to access vantage points that are night impossible for other agents. The ability has two charges but escaping with the second one can be rather risky.

Omen Abilities Guide: Paranoia

Omen’s second basic ability is Paranoia (default Q). Using it will fire a shadow projectile that causes nearsighted to anyone it hits. It also passes directly through walls, making it an ideal tool for rushing through a corner or defending one. Enemies that have reduced vision will either have to spray and pray or fall back and leave their position. In both cases, you’ve got the advantage.

Agents affected by paranoia will have a visual indicator on their head, so you won’t have to doubt.

Omen Abilities Guide: Dark Cover

Omen’s signature ability is Dark Cover (default E). It’s basically a smoke grenade, one that much like Paranoia can be fired through walls. Once you activate it you’ll see an indicator that will show you where the grenade will land. Use the map to get an even better idea of the location. Once used, the smoke will last for 15 seconds.

Dark Cover can be combined with Paranoia to completely isolate an area. Omen’s signature ability has two charges and you get one back every 35 seconds.

Omen Abilities Guide: From The Shadows

Omen’s ultimate ability is From The Shadows (default X). Using his ultimate, Omen will open a map a allow you to pick a location. It can be anywhere. Once you select a location and start channeling, enemy minimaps will be distorted. There’s also a lot of noise that will alert your foes. Once the channel is complete, Omen will teleport to the desired location.

There’s one big detail though. It takes a few seconds before Omen can finish his teleport as he gathers shadows. His form on the new location can be killed and that’ll bring him back to where he was.

Omen Strategy Guide

Contrary to popular belief, Omen isn’t a solo-fragging agent. His true potential lies in working with his teammates. Whether that’d be by providing cover for them with Paranoia and Dark Cover or climbing a Sage wall with Shrouded Step. You can try playing him solo, but if your opponents are more experienced, you’ll be in trouble. Both of his teleports accumulate a lot of noise and can be easily heard by enemies.

Omen combines skills from various other agents, but he doesn’t really excel at them. He has solid crowd control, but not as much as Brimstone and he can initiate but not as well as Breach. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad pick as Omen has access to more tools like Shrouded Step that gives him the element of surprise in a lot of situations. His ultimate is often too noisy to use directly, so you better have Dark Cover or a teammate to make it safe. In conclusion, you’re better off working with your team.

Omen Tips

  • Shrouded Step has a short channel time of 1.5 seconds, so make sure you don’t get caught off-guard while using it.
  • Use your smokes as often as you can as one will recharge every 35 seconds.
  • Combine Dark Cover and Paranoia, to clear the way for yourself or a teammate.
  • From The Shadows has an obvious weakness due to the noise and longer channel. Use Dark Cover to create a safe zone where you can land.
  • Shrouded Step will allow you to go through windows or other points that may be held by enemies. You can go right past through and flank them.
  • The range on Dark Cover is insane and it will allow you to have a “global” presence.
  • Paranoia has some travel time, so peeking immediately after throwing the projectile will often get you killed. Give it time.

This concludes our short yet we hope informative guide about the jack of all trades - Omen.

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