Infinity Ward Promise To Make Non-Destructible, 3-Lane Maps For MW2

One of the recent details we've heard about Modern Warfare 2 is that they've focused on improving 6v6 maps. They want to give us a lot more experiences like Shiphouse, and a far fewer disasters like Euphrates Bridge...
Infinity Ward promises better maps
Ghost approves. | © Activision

We're going to be real with you: Modern Warfare 2019 had maybe the worst maps in franchise history. They tried to recreate actual real-world locations, and the result was a bunch of asymmetrical maps that couldn't be played competitively. After the success of Shoothouse, it seems that they've learned their lesson, and are returning to a design that's more traditional for Call of Duty. This news comes from the huge info dump we got when Modern Warfare 2 was first revealed. Here's what we know so far.

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Infinity Ward Promise Better 6v6 Maps Than MW19

In a presentation Infinity Ward gave to pro-gamers, influencers, and journalists before the Modern Warfare 2 reveal, they outlined their plans to make smaller, non-destructible, and more predictable 6v6 maps. This basically means we can expect more 3-lane maps, with fewer open angles, and more controllable chock points. In other words: more arcade-style maps and less realistic ones. This should make them more competitively viable, so the opposite of MW2019.

And this is fantastic news of course, because Modern Warfare 2019's maps were so bad that a few of them unfortunately made it into this list:

So far we haven't seen any images of the maps, so we can't promise you that they'll deliver on this promise, but fingers crossed. They did describe one of the maps to give us an example, and it sounded like a training facility inside a warehouse, similar to Shoothouse or Das Haus. But as we said, we haven't actually been given visual confirmation yet. When we do get a sneak-preview, we will of course keep you updated.

That's all there is to say about this aspect of Modern Warfare 2. We're learning so much about this game every day, and there are loads of new gameplay features and changes to look forward to, thanks to the new engine. While you're here, why not check out one of these other exciting recent developments: