Vanguard Attachments Now Work On BOCW & Modern Warfare Guns!

Another day, another game-breaking bug. Players have discovered a way to transfer attachments between different games in Warzone...

Console Cheating Warzone
You could seriously tilt people with this little trick... | © Activision Blizzard & Wagner de Souza

Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 brought us a ton of wacky content, from 4-man bomber planes, to secret hatches, and even redeployment balloons. But it also introduced a ton of new bugs and exploits to the game. Now, this is obviously annoying, no-one wants to see flying cars make a comeback. But what if there was an exploit that was shocking easy to do and allowed you to use MW weapons again to compete with the new meta? Surely, that would interest quite a few of you.

The Warzone Attachment Exploit Explained

An exploit has been discovered by players that allows you to put any of the Vanguard Perk 1 attachments on to any weapon in the game, even Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare weapons. So you can put Hardscope (a very effective recoil control perk) onto an old Modern Warfare weapon like the M4, for instance, thus, giving it six attachments. Needless to say, it seems like everyone is doing this right now.

Here's the AS44 being shot with Tight Grip, a perk which it wouldn't normally have access to:

You can see how outrageously effective this is going to make certain weapons; as you can see above, it somehow makes the AS44 controllable. The only perk this doesn't work for right now is Akimbo, which is upsetting because that would have been hilarious on some weapons.

How Do You Put Attachments On Different Weapons?

We don't like to share exploit guides about Warzone, because the game has enough issues with users playing fairly, but it isn't hard to find. One of the big YouTube content creators for Warzone has done a complete how-to guide on this exploit, maybe start there.

...but you're going to need to be quick if you want to do this exploit yourself, as Raven Software are actively working on a fix. As they recently said themselves:

Let's hope all the issues can be ironed out in time for Warzone 2 at least, because the Modern Warfare 2 attachments are going to be wild on Vanguard guns...