The Best Warzone Lienna 57 Loadout | An LMG/AR Hybrid

In the last Warzone update we ever received, we got a new LMG: the Lienna 57. It's a very mobile LMG, which honestly feels more like an AR, and we're sure a lot of you will enjoy it. Here's the best Warzone loadout for the Lienna 57.

Lienna 57 Loadout
More an AR than an LMG, and it's pretty solid. | © Activision

Look, we get it, most of you are now just waiting for Warzone 2, but we're still getting updates and new seasons for the OG Warzone! And the very last big seasonal update, Season 5: Reloaded, gave us the new LMG you can see above. Although, when we say LMG, it really behaves more like an AR in-game. And that's a good thing, because this weapon is light enough to be mobile, while still being effective at medium range.

Here's a complete loadout for the Lienna 57 in Warzone. We'll begin with attachments.

The Best Attachments For The Lienna 57

MuzzleMX Silencer
BarrelFrei 432mm Shrouded
OpticSVT-PU Scope 3-6X
StockBaumann GMK-2

M1941 Handstop

MagazineKlauser 54 Round Mags
Rear GripPolymer Grip
PerkTight Grip
Perk 2Fully Loaded

There's nothing exceptional going on here. We're trying to increase recoil control, damage range, and bullet velocity as much as possible. That will force us to sacrifice some mobility, but don't worry, it's still fast enough to be perfectly viable.

Thankfully Modern Warfare 2's Gunsmith is going back to 5 attachments max!

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For A Lienna 57 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The Lienna 57

Top Break attachment setup
Did you enjoy Snakeshot rounds in the first season of Warzone? Well you'll want to check this build out... | © Activision

With so many great weapons available in ground-loot these days, we're finding it less important to take Overkill as the default Perk 2. Therefore, we've chosen the Top Break as a secondary weapon instead. And thanks to the M15 Shot Shell rounds, this thing is as close as we can get to a pocket shotgun.

For a complete run-down on the Top Break, check out this loadout guide.

The Best Equipment For The Lienna 57


As with the attachments, this is really a pretty "standard" selection of equipment these days. The Stims are great for both entering and escaping fights, and the Semtex is an easy-to-use Lethal option that can double up as an anti-vehicular grenade. It might be boring, but it's all we've got for now. Don't worry, it won't be long until we can start using the exciting new Drill Charge.

The Best Perks For The Lienna 57

Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Tempered

Perk 3

Combat Scout

For the perks, we've gone for natural options for a long-range build. E.O.D. so we can eat a few nades and claymores, Combat Scout to track enemies at range, and Tempered to reset quickly if we're over-peeking. Why fix what isn't broken? And we aren't using Serpentine because it was nerfed again in the latest patch.

We love these perks for the original Warzone, but they won't all be coming to Warzone 2. You can find every perk in Warzone 2 here.

For all the other changes coming to Warzone 2, check out this vid: