The Best Warzone Diamatti Loadout | The Best Secondary?

Not every player in Warzone wants an Overkill loadout with two primary weapons. With the Diamatti, you can do without Overkill and still have a fantastic secondary weapon. Here is the best Warzone Diamatti setup and loadout.
Diamatti Warzone loadout
One of the best pistols in the game. | © Activision

Have you only ever played the standard sniper/sniper support loadouts in Warzone? Then you were always dependent on the Overkill perk and you've therefore been missing out on some great Perk 2s. Sure, Ghost has been nerfed, but it can still be a huge advantage for passive players, while High Alert and Tempered have never been better.

But dropping Overkill means taking a secondary weapon instead of two primaries. Thankfully, we know of a very good sidearm you can use. So let's take a look at what makes the Diamatti so great, and exactly what attachments you want on it.

: This is a Warzone specific loadout. We also already have a Black Ops Cold War setup for the Diamatti.

The Best Diamatti Setup

Diamatti Warzone
With this setup you'll be prepared for anything. | © Activision
MuzzleAgency Suppressor


7.2" Task Force
LaserSOF Target Designator
MagazineSalvo 30 Round Fast Mag
GripSerpent Wrap

With our setup, we're trying to build the strongest possible all-round secondary weapon. So we'll increase the range and bullet velocity with the suppressor and barrel, and this way, we still have at least a small chance even at medium distances. The laser also increases our range, and adds hip-fire accuracy. While the grip allows us to ADS faster.

If you absolutely only want to use the Diamatti for close combat, you can of course also use Akimbo and shred with two Diamatti's. But you should then aim to increase hip-fire accuracy with all attachments.

Equipment & Perks For A Diamatti Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For A Diamatti

AK 47 Setup
This setup makes the Ak a monster. | © Activision

As mentioned, the Diamatti is of course not suited for longer distances, and so we'll rely on a good assault rifle for long and medium distances. The AK-47, which is still a very strong assault rifle in Warzone, is particularly useful here. If you are looking for a weapon that is a little easier to control, you can also try the FARA 83 or the Krig 6.

The Best Equipment For A Diamatti

LethalThrowing Knife
TacticalSnapshot Grenade

When it comes to equipment, we also want the best selection available for aggressive pushing. Snapshot grenades offer us a great advantage, especially in urban combat or in areas that are well concealed. While throwing knives, on the other hand, can be used to quickly eliminate downed opponents before they can self-revive. A good combo for fast CQC gameplay.

The Best Perks For A Diamatti

Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Ghost
Perk 3Combat Scout

Since we don't have a second primary weapon in our loadout, we can forego overkill and take Ghost instead. But always remember that since the nerf, Ghost only hides you on the minimap while you're moving. So if you don't want to play aggressively and keep moving all the time, you should rather use High Alert.

The Cold-Blooded/Combat Scout combo is pretty much the norm these days. Combat Scout marks suppressed enemies in red, even through cover, and Cold-Blooded counters exactly this perk for your enemies.

That was already our best Diamatti setup for Warzone. If pistols are fun for you, take a look at the Machine Pistol or the Top Break.