New CoD Skins Are An "Insult" To WW2 Veterans

New anime cod skins were leaked, and some fans think they're too much for a World War 2 game. But will these cutesy anime girls be removed?

New Cod Skins an Insult to WW2 veterans
We cannot verify these skins in-game, because they're unreleased, but Stonted has shared these images on his YouTube. | © Stonted via YouTube

We've had our fair share of offensive material in Call of Duty. Sure, we've never had anything so bad as the GLA from C&C: Generals (who were literally able to field suicide bombers), but we've had many a "No Russian" moment. Usually, fans of CoD just don't care about these issues, but the latest leaked Vanguard bundle has rubbed some players up the wrong way...

The Bitrate Banger Reactive Mastercraft Bundle

YouTuber Stonted has somehow gained access to what he claims is an unreleased Call of Duty bundle called the Bitrate Banger, and this was the bundle which contained the skins some have found offensive. Call of Duty has had its fair share of ridiculous cosmetics. Just last month, we had Godzilla, and before that, Snoop Dogg. But there's something fans found particularly unsavory about having cutesy anime girls. In BOCW or MW2019, it wouldn't have been a problem, but these skins are for Vanguard, which is a World War 2 game.

Here is what the pack is rumored to contain for 2400 CP:

  • Polina Skin: High Bitrate
  • Blixen Skin: Lovedrunk Melody
  • Einhorn Skin: Glitch Gremlin
  • UMG Skin: Happy Machine
  • Watch: Digital Equalizer
  • Emblem: Lurking Dead Beats
  • Sticker: Masked Meow
  • Calling Card: New Cyberworld Order
Anime Warzone Skins
This is the bundle that Stonted claims is an unreleased Call of Duty bundle. | © Stonted via YouTube

ModernWarzone also shared news of the bundle with his fans on Twitter, and an argument broke out between those who hated the bundle and those who loved it. Call of Duty DMCA'd everything they could on Twitter regarding the leak, but it hasn't stopped fans continuing to argue. Some just seem to hate the tone that anime skins set:

But as one commentor on YouTube (with an explicit anime profile picture) added:

Im so down bad for this bundle bro, they know which audience is going to bring them money obviously...

And they aren't wrong, love it or hate, Call of Duty is going to make bank from this bundle. What do you think? Is this a trashy skin, or is it looking like one of the better bundles?

We all know what kind of players want to use these skins...