Top 10 Best Assault Rifles In Warzone

The Call of Duty: Warzone meta is dominated by assault rifles. Assault rifles are by far the most popular weapons in the game. But there's a lot of them – to help you choose the right weapon, we've ranked the 10 best assault rifles in Warzone for you.
Best assault rifles warzone
With so many ARs to chose from, which is the right one to go for? | © Activision

With every week that passes in Warzone, we see balance changes shifting the meta. Many of the best weapons of the past, such as the AMAX, the FFAR 1 or the FARA, have had to take a beating. In order for you to always know which assault rifle is the best, or which weapons you should avoid in the current meta, we've created this ranking. And we update it whenever the meta shifts.

But please always remember that a short TTK is only good if you hit all your shots! An assault rifle can have an extremely good TTK and therefore be high on our list, but if you can't handle recoil, another weapon might be a better choice. When compiling this list, we ranked the weapons from the perspective of an average player, not professionals and not absolute beginners.

If you are more into snipers or submachine guns, we already have tier lists for you here.

1. Cooper Carbine (VG)

The Cooper Carbine just feels right. It has a ridiculous rate of fire for an AR, it's extremely mobile and yet very precise. Overall, it plays like a hybrid between an Assault Rifle and an SMG, and with the right attachments, it can be used effectively by players of any skill. What's more, the range is surprisingly good, allowing the Cooper to be competitive as a primary weapon in a regular assault rifle loadout or as an excellent sniper support. But it was only able to knock the NZ-41 off the top spot after the June 30 balance patch.

Here we have our best Cooper Carbine loadout for you.

Best ars cooper
A wonderful feeling weapon. | © Activision

2. NZ-41 (VG)

Similar to the BAR, the NZ-41 was never very popular at first because it was extremely difficult to control. But when it was buffed in Season 3, the NZ-41 could finally show off its best-in-class TTK, and it dominated the meta for months. Luckily, they nerfed the recoil in Season 4 a bit to bring it back in line, and so it's still great, but no longer broken. Definitely still the second-best weapon in the game.

You should try the NZ-41, if you haven't already, with our best NZ-41 setup.

NZ41 Main
Looks weird, but is pretty strong. | © Activision

3. BAR (VG)

The BAR has always been strong, but also difficult to play and therefore not very popular. Thanks to some buffs, however, it has become superb and shreds through everything, much like the NZ. It has extremely high damage, very good range and now hardly any recoil. But its poor mobility holds it back ever so slightly.

With our BAR Warzone setup, you will dominate your opponents.

BAR Main
Raising the BAR. | © Activision

4. STG44 (VG)

The STG44 is one of the most iconic weapons of WWII and one of the best CoD: Vanguard assault rifles. It's available from the start (like the M4A1 or XM4) and it's extremely versatile. The STG44 is easy to control, has good damage and a decent rate of fire. Depending on the attachments, it can be played at any distance, making it both a good long-range assault rifle, but also a weapon that can excel at medium and even short ranges. But thanks to the recent nerf, it's fallen down from the number one position.

Try our STG44 setup if you're looking for the right build.

STG44 Main
The STG44 will never slip too far. | © Activision

5. Vargo 52 (BOCW)

The Vargo 52 is the first Black Ops Cold War weapon that was released after Vanguard. Considering it was introduced so late and most meta weapons currently come from Vanguard, it's pretty damn strong and even makes it into our top 5. Slap the right attachments on it, and you have an absolute meta weapon.

Here is our best Vargo 52 setup for Warzone.

Vargo 52 loadout
One of the few really good BOCW guns left. | © Activision

6. KG-M40 (VG)

The KG-M40 doesn't have the strongest TTK, in fact it's quite average. So what is it doing in the top ten? Zero recoil. None. It literally doesn't move. This is basically Vanguard's M13: the low-skilled meta.

You should check out our complete loadout guide for the KG-M40.

KG M40 Best Warzone Loadout
Welcome to the world of zero-recoil. | © Activision

7. XM4 (BOCW)

The XM4 was the M4A1 of Black Ops Cold War. Available right out of the box, easy to play and extremely solid. It's a very versatile, jack-of-all-trades style AR. And luckily, the XM4 managed to avoid most of the worst nerfs, so it hasn't changed that much over time. If you're looking for a reliable secondary weapon for your sniper loadout, you should definitely take a look at the XM4, but it can also deliver as a long-range AR. It just can't get higher on the list because it's not the best in any one role, it's just good at a number of them.

Here is our best XM4 setup for Warzone for you.

Besrt A Rs xm4
One of the nicest looking weapons, to be sure. | © Activision

8. Grau 5.56 (MW)

The Grau proves why handling and easily controlled recoil are so important. While it doesn't have the ridiculous TTK it once had, it's maintained that unique ability to be strong over so many ranges, with the same build. Do you remember the first year of Warzone? Back then, the Grau was the absolute top weapon and dominated the meta for a long time. The Archangel barrel in particular took the Grau to a whole other level, but to this day it remains solid enough to just make the top ten.

Check out our best Grau 5.56 setup for Warzone.

Grau Best warzone Loadout
The Grau 5.56 is the best Modern Warfare weapon still in regular use. | © Activision

9. Automaton (VG)

In the first week of Vanguard this weapon was disgustingly good. Then it got nerfed into the ground. And it's recovered slightly since then, I mean it is on the list after all, but it's now just a solid but not fantastic AR.

And before you ask about the right attachment setup for the Auto, we got you, here's the best Automaton Warzone loadout.

Automaton Warzone Loadout
This was the popular Versailles blueprint for the Auto. | © Activision

10. FARA (VG)

And finally we get to the FARA. This was once at the very top of the pecking order, but it's been a whole year since then. The only reason it just scrapes into the top is that it recently got a slight buff, and it's still balanced enough between damage, range and recoil to be viable.

You can find a full guide to the best FARA loadout here.

Warzone fara 83 setup guide
It's just about still in the top 10. | © Activision

Which Assault Rifle Is Best For Short-Range?

At close range, mobility, and a high rate of fire are most important. Assault rifles are typically designed for medium to long range, but there are some guns from this class that excel in those areas. Currently, the best assault rifle for short to medium ranges is the Cooper Carbine. With the right setup, this is also currently one of the best sniper supports. Just be careful not to sacrifice too much mobility for range or recoil control, you can easily overdo it with the Cooper and end up with too much recoil.

Which Assault Rifle Is Best For Long-Range?

We would currently recommend the BAR as the best long-range AR. Especially at 100+ m, this weapon really shines. In your setup, make sure to increase the range, recoil control and bullet velocity, mobility can be sacrificed with a long-range assault rifle. If you decide to go for a long-range AR loadout, you definitely need a good second weapon for close combat, though. Luckily, we got you; here are the best SMGs.

These are the top 10 assault rifles in Warzone right now. We will of course update the list should new weapons or updates change the meta. Until then, make sure that Cooper is leveled!