Amouranth & Co.: OnlyFansTV To Compete With YouTube By Letting Creators Cook

Amouranth just revealed her next big project, joining a new, family friendly OnlyFans project.

Thumbnail Amouranth
Amouranth is cooking (in morethan one sense) | © OnlyFansTV; Amouranth

OnlyFans has been making bank, giving creators a platform to satisfy a very special (not family friendly) market. Now the platform wants to try a different approach, offering more accessible and YouTube-like content with their new OnlyFansTV project.

Amouranth Might Join OnlyFans In New Family Friendly Project

Amouranth is one of the biggest content creators on Twitch and OnlyFans for a reason. The ASMR and Hot Tub queen is quick to catch on to new trends and knows how to use her body to make the most profit (this also includes her brain).

Even though there were rumors about the NSFW legend leaving OF, she might be onboard for one of their new projects called OnlyFansTV.

In an interview with EssentillySports, the 29-year-old revealed that she was working on several projects with the popular adult platform, saying: “They want me to make videos for their production, OnlyFansTV. It’s like OFTV. It’s like YouTube… a safer version,”.

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Looking at the OFTV website, you can find all kinds of content. From hiking trips, to cooking shows and even an “In Real Life” format, showing the most popular nude content creators with a little more clothes.

Seems like OnlyFans wants to put Amouranth's content genius to use, by having her help with production for this possible YouTube competitor.

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