Amouranth Reveals New Potential Boyfriend On Stream

Following the drama with her abusive husband, Amouranth live streams 'first date' with possible new boyfriend.
Amouranth New Boyfriend
Damn this dude's a CHAD | © Amouranth via Twitch

Female Twitch phenomenon Amouranth went on her first date, following the separation from her abusive husband in October. This signals a major shift in her image, as now she is publicly dating.

On October 15, Amouranth exposed her relationship with her husband during one of the most dramatic broadcasts I have seen on Twitch so far.

During the stream, she exposed how much she had suffered at the hands of her husband, but also managed to break away from the cycle of abuse by making it public.

Now that they are going their separate ways, it looks like Amouranth is ready to get back into dating, doing her first IRL dating livestream with an absolute Gigachad.

Amouranth Streams IRL Date After Split From Husband

On November 20, Amouranth went live, streaming her first date with a guy named 'Aaron'. First the two of them went climbing, followed by dinner.

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From what we got to know about Aaron so far, he is quite the chad. He is a 34-year-old former Bodybuilder that is now working as a personal trainer and likes to party.

Gotta stay in shape for those hot tub streams | © Amouranth via Twitch

Sadly, he is not much of a gamer, which quickly prompted criticism from the chat, but at least a wants to buy God of War: Ragnarök so he at least has some potential.

So far, it is unclear if we can expect Aaron to make a return, but it is good to see Amouranth back in the dating world.

Hopefully October was the last time we saw Amournath on this list:

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