Break-In At xQc's House – Why Police Couldn't Do A Thing

During Easter, popular Twitch star xQc apparently had someone try to break into his home and the police wasn't exactly helpful to say the least.

X Qc Break in
Easter was crazy for xQc | © xQc; Jacky Lam via Unsplash

Twitch streamers sometimes have to deal with people crossing boundaries and sometimes even trying to break into their homes. During Easter, the latter happened to Felix "xQc" Lengyel, as he got an alert from his home security app, saying that someone was trying to break into his house.

As one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, xQc is no stranger to drama. Most of the time this plays out online, though, and is mostly streamer beef that boils down to differing opinions and the sorts.

Okay, there is that divorce case going on as well with his ex, Adeptthebest, who apparently stole his McLaren and wants half of his stuff. This case is pretty messed up, but now someone even tried to break into his house during Easter, leaving the streamer reliant on the police. Spoiler, they didn't do sh*t!

xQc Had Someone Break Into His House

During a recent stream, xQc brought up the topic, talking about how during Easter he received a notification from his home security app that someone was trying to break into his home.

“I look at my phone and I get alerts, like camera alerts and sh*t like that, and I look, and there’s just this guy, and it looks like he’s breaking in, dude! Into my house!”

He also explained how the burglar tried messing with the security equipment to get into the house: “I was like, ‘Yo!’ The camera shows the dude pulling up, and he starts messing with the code thing. And then, he starts messing with the camera or whatever.”

It seems like he tried to cover his tracks Mission Impossible style by “taking out” the camera. Too bad he messed that up.

When the streamer tried to call in law enforcement to deal with the trespasser, he was left baffled.

“So then, I call the police, and it’s like a non-emergency type thing, right? I’m not even there, it’s like in the past, right? I’m getting alerts later. I go to the non-emergency line to make a report or whatever, and it’s like, ‘Well, it’s Easter, so we kinda can’t do sh*t. There’s nobody to take that sh*t.'”

Good thing xQc wasn't at his house when that happened, or otherwise he might have been in serious trouble. Well, on the other hand, maybe the police would have taken the break-in more serious if he was in any immediate danger.

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