YouTube's New Profanity Outlines Just Ruined Many Channels

YouTube made some drastic changes to its advertiser-friendly content guidelines. This specifically targets profanity, resulting in a wave of demonetization all across the platform.

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No more cursing on YouTube | © YouTube

YouTube recently made some drastic changes to its content guidelines, regarding the use of profanity, resulting in a wave of demonetization as content is no longer deemed advertiser-friendly. This turned into a huge problem, as older videos are also affected by this.

YouTube Demonetizing Old Videos Due To New Profanity Changes

With the new changes made to their content guidelines by YouTube, creators are facing a wave of demonetization as the platform is cracking down hard on profanity.

Before, creators were fine as long as they didn't use any harsh profanity – like “f*ck” – within the first 30 seconds of the video. This new policy states that creators can’t use ANY profanities for the first 8 – 15 seconds of a video. That’s not the part that is the bad part, though.

What really f*cks up content creators, is this part: “profanity does not occur throughout the majority of the video.” Even though the Advertiser-friendly content guidelines state, that “Occasional use of profanity (such as in music videos) won’t necessarily result in your video being unsuitable for advertising", the outlines are pretty vague and some videos got demonetized for apparently no reason.

A huge problem is also, that this new policy is applied to all the content a creator has produced. This means that even older videos on the channel have to abide by these rules, even though they were produced with the old set of rules in mind, leading to a lot of demonetization.

The thing the seems to upset creators the most, though, is not even the changes made by YouTube, but the lack of communication leading up to it. If YouTube had informed creators beforehand, they could have taken measures to avoid demonetization, by making the necessary changes to their content.

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