Top 5 Most Annoying Players in FIFA 22

Pace, OP Shots from outside the box and massive defensive monsters: In FIFA 22 there are a few players who really get on our nerves. We have listed the five most annoying footballers for you. Let's take a look at who made it onto the list!
You'll be seeing more than enough of his face... | © EA Sports

In every FIFA, there are simply some players who are far too OP. Well, it should be a given that R9 costing several million coins can do at least something with the ball. Our list shows that not only expensive Special Cards belong to the best players in FIFA 22. It quickly becomes annoying when you have to face certain Footballers nearly every match. The Mendy-Varane nightmare connection from last year still haunts us to this day.

The Most Annoying Players in FIFA 22 - Top 5

So, who are the most annoying in-game players in FIFA 22? For our list, we took a look at the current meta as well as the stats of each card, the price and the possibility for links through league and nations. Nobody wants to meet the following players in the new Weekend League.

Most Annoying Players in FIFA 22 Number 5: Ousmane Dembélé

Dembele Stats
Hopefully he remains fit and can deliver some quality performances for his new coach.. | © Futbin

Ousmane Dembélé is a phenomenon... In real-life football, you only see him every couple of months for a few appearances, while in FIFA, he is omnipresent. Especially first time FIFA players use him quite often.

Even if the gold card is probably retired at this point, EA has already given him a Rulebreaker Upgrade. And this will surely not be the last Special Card in FIFA 22. Fortunately, Ousmane Dembéle is no longer one of the Future Stars...

Most Annoying Players in FIFA 22 Number 4: Timo Werner

Werner Stats
Extremely OP in FIFA 22, extremely shit in front of the goal.. | © Futbin

Timo Werner is an unbelievably annoying player in FIFA 22. Despite the crashed transfer market, he currently is one of the more expensive players on the market, costing around 800K coins, which is why he is only in 4th place. But Timo simply has everything you want in FIFA 22: Lots of pace, decent shooting, and somehow, he manages to win the ball every damn time. Don't ask us how, though. He also plays in the strongest league in the world, and the RTTK upgrade with Chelsea was a sure thing. Timo is simply a baller.

Most Annoying Players in FIFA 22 Number 3: Raphaël Varane

Flashback varane stats
Scarier than my sleep paralysis demons... | © Futbin

Didn't we talk about the Mendy-Varane Connection of FIFA 21 at the beginning? Well, it's no longer available as a strong link this year, but Varane is now playing in the strongest league in the world. Why did EA have to do this to us?

Sure, the Flashback SBC is quite expensive, but it's also a damn strong card. There are sooooo many ways to link the OP central defender. Since Ronaldo won the Team of the Year 12th man vote, the United link is obvious.

Most Annoying Players in FIFA 22 Number 2: Vinicius Jr.

POTM Vinicius FIFA 22
We could literally show any of his special cards. | © Futbin

Good for him for having the season of his life, but in FIFA 22 Vinicius Jr. is just annoying. It doesn't matter if your opponent has the Player of the Month, the Headliner, or the Team of the Group Stage Vini in his team... the left wing is always on fire.

On top of that, he also links pretty well to Karim Benzema. And as everyone knows, his Flashback version is one of the best SBCs in FIFA 22.

Most Annoying Players in FIFA 22 Number 1: Presnel Kimpembe

Kimpembe Stats
No joke, his gold card is sooo freaking good. | © Futbin

"Beast with white hair", "tackling god" and "controller smasher" are just a few of the terms I've read on Reddit referring to Presnel Kimpembe. The community does a pretty good job of describing why the defender from the extremely likeable club PSG is on this list: There is simply no getting past him. The worst thing about it? He costs just 5K... At least, EA hasn't given him any Special Cards, yet.

Well, these are our five most annoying players in FIFA 22. If you have had similar experiences, you can have a look at our Discord, where people are regularly talking about football. Of course, the in-game experience only gets worse when your opponents are really as annoying as their players.