Epic Listens to Fans: Huge Changes Planned for Season 4

We cannot always trust what leakers say, but when some of them are known to report pretty accurate information to Fortnite, we can't help but get our hopes up for some big changes in Season 4, right?

Fortnite RTX
What has been leaked that got us so hyped? | © Epic Games

Known Fortnite leaker HypeX has got us pretty hyped for a potential upcoming update to Fortnite. We've gotten quite a few leaks for the next set of skins and chapters in Fortnite, but today we're going to look even further ahead at Season 4 even.

If the leaks are true, then it means that Epic Games actually listened to their player base because these changes could and would change the game completely. Whether it's a good change will be up to you to decide though.

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Fortnite: Epic Games to Add New Mode

HypeX has revealed on their Twitter that Epic Games has been working and updating the first-person mode in the game's files this past month. They also stated that these changes are still ongoing and even speculated that the release date for the first-person game mode could come in Season 4. But as just mentioned, that last part is only speculation and it could take even longer... but we've got our fingers crossed.

This wouldn't be the first time Epic Games makes big changes to their beloved Battle Royale. They've flipped the map, destroyed the Tilted Towers – and rebuilt them only to destroy them again – and even removed the iconic building from the game. So adding in a new mode would be child's play, right?

What Could A First Person Mode Mean for Fortnite?

As already mentioned, Epic Games isn't shy to shake things up with their gameplay. They have made huge changes to the map, to weapons and adding in a First Person mode would only increase the flexibility of the game. Players who might prefer this viewpoint will test out Fortnite, while others could just play the original third-person view they're used to.

But, as you know these are just leaks so far, so anything could still change in the coming months of development, but this information comes straight from the game files, so we know that Epic is working on a first-person mode, but how far along they are is yet to be seen.

For now, we just have to make do with all the new skins we're getting like the Dragon Ball skins and enjoy the Fortnite No Sweat Summer Event on the island, right? It's summer so let's not stress about new game modes and just enjoy Fortnite.