Where To Find Geysers In Fortnite

The Fortnite island features diverse and fun ways to traverse the map. From normal land and water-based vehicles to something more extreme as geysers.

Traversing the Fortnite island can be dangerous but never boring. I ©Epic Games

If you're new to the game, this might be a foreign concept to you, but yes, geysers are indeed a very fast way of traversal in Fortnite. They obviously don't work the same as normal vehicles, however, standing on top of one as it erupts will send you surging through the sky, letting you reposition yourself with ease.

With Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 6 quests going live, players are scouting the island for geysers as they did with a week 2 challenge. This time, you're required to utilize one alongside a Baller and a zipline in a single match. Ballers are located almost exclusively at the Rave Cave where you'll also find plenty of ziplines to climb the mountain.

So where do you exactly find Geysers in Fortnite? Fret not, we're here to help you complete this quest!

Geyser Locations In Fortnite

There are plenty of locations where you can find geysers in Fortnite, but a lot of them are far away from Ballers or ziplines to help you with the quest, so we've marked down the absolute best spot for you to go on the map down below:

Geysers in fortnite
Time to earn your 15k XP. I ©Epic Games

This is the best spot for two simple reasons: first, it's relatively close to the Rave Cave, where you'll find Ballers with ease, secondly, the geysers sit below a zipline, making it extremely convenient for you.

In fact, you can complete a bunch of weekly quests here in case you haven't; the area features plenty of Runaway Boulders for you to take down either with your pickaxe or a Baller. Of course, if you haven't completed the week 2 mission that tasks you with using a geyser, that means you'll potentially earn upwards of 32k XP just by roaming this area.

Geyser zipline bolulder
Ziplines, geysers, and Runaway Boulders all next to each other. I ©Epic Games

So there you have it! Perhaps the toughest part of finding the geysers is doing so before any other Loopers land on the area with the exact same plan as you. If you're playing solos, some players are courteous enough to let you go by if it's extremely obvious you're doing the weekly quest, some others, well, better have some good loot in hand.

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