Arma Reforger Dropped and Arma 4 Announced

We thought it would just be an 'announcement' today, but instead we're getting a whole game. Yes, you read that right, you can play the whole game right now.
Arma reforger header
Get it now on multiple platforms! | © Bohemia Interactive

Are you guys ready? Because it seems like almost no one was ready for this game to drop out of nowhere. Sure, there were hints that there was going to be a big announcement today, but no one could have predicted this magnitude of an announcement.

So, what exactly was announced, and what can you guys play already? Let's start with the news that will impact your daily life a little more, and then talk about the reveal of another new Arma game in the making.

Arma Reforger Dropped Out Of Thin Air

Today was going to be a day when we would get some more information on Arma Reforger, but instead we got a whole game. Yes, the entire game dropped and you can go and play the early access if you so wish to do so.

What Platforms Can You Play Arma Reforger On?

If you're a fan of the Arma series, then you'll likely be a PC gamer, since the previous instalments of the series have only been for the computer. Well, that is going to change with Arma Reforger. The game is also available for the Xbox.

This is likely done to bring the series closer to casual gamers as well. So, if you're a fan of Call of Duty or even Battlefield, then this is a game you can definitely check out. But wait... we're not done yet with the Arma news just yet.

Arma 4 Announced

The $30 Arma Reforger will likely be nothing more than a little taste of what is to come for you guys out there. You will have much of the same playstyle, as well as mechanics, but it won't ever be Arma 4, merely a teaser for anyone who will want to pick up Arma 4.

In a teaser — called Road to Arma 4 — Bohemia Interactive showed off their previous Arma games, letting fans relive these precious moments. The teaser hypes long time fans up for the unavoidable Arma 4, which is announced at the end of the teaser.

Unfortunately, there is no official release date announced yet, but while you wait, pick up the early access Arma Reforger on Steam or for your Xbox and you'll be able to play on a huge map, in multiplayer mode as well. Seriously, there is content out there while you wait for Arma 4 to release.