Battlefield Just Became More Realistic Than Ever

The latest upgrade to Battlefield is actually a Battlefield 3 mod: Gamers took it upon themselves to make Battlefield more realistic than ever.

Battlefield 3 realism mod
Looks better than ever. | ©John Troive, ArtStation

Way back in the day, Battlefield 2 got a mod called 'Project Reality'. Project reality made the game and its combat more realistic, while also increasing the emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. The mod was super hype, and, naturally, the team has been busy on granting Battlefield 3 wit the same upgrade.

Battlefield 3 Gets Reality Mod

The mod is built on the BF3 modding platform VU, and it offers a higher tickrate, built-in server rowsing and private server hosting, along with changes the make the game more realistic than ever before, but... best to check out the trailer to get a better impression:

If you've been disappointed with Battlefield lately, then maybe this mod might breathe new life into the game for you. I mean... better graphics, a bunch of quality-of-life updates, more teamplay, more realism... what's not to like? Then again, the latest Battlefield did kind of make a comeback after it was considered dead for a while - it now has more players than the new Halo, so... that's something, right?

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