Dead Space Remake Release Times Revealed

The Dead Space remake global release times are here. If you've been wondering when exactly you can start playing the game, you will find the answer here.

Dead space remake
The Dead Space remake release time has been revealed. | © EA

The Dead Space remake is almost here, on January 27 we can finally go back to the Ishimura with Isaac Clarke and scare our socks off. If you have pre-ordered the game and are wondering at what exact minute of the day you can start playing the game, we got the answer for you right here. And if you haven't pre-ordered Dead Space yet, what are you waiting for?

Dead Space Remake Release Times

It has been revealed via the official Dead Space Twitter account, that will launch at the same time across the globe. This will happen on January 27, 8 am PST/11 am EST/4 pm GMT.

This of course only applies to the digital version of the game. If you are picking up a physical version, you will be able to play immediately. Which we could possibly recommend for those living in Asia and Oceania, as the game doesn't come out there until the 28th.

You can already preload Dead Space ahead of launch, so that you actually are ready when the curtain drops. The game isn't too big in file size, but still make sure to plan enough time ahead of release.

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