Dying Light Players Get Free DLCs

The developers of Dying Light have sprung about the information that those who had purchased the standard edition, will still be receiving DLCs completely free of cost.
Dying light free DLC
You can get so much free stuff! | © Techland

Dying Light 2 came out in December 2021 and it's had quite a positive reception by fans. But we aren't going to talk about the sequel in this article, because, Techlands, the developers of the game, have come back to the OG — Dying Light — and decided that those players who purchased the standard version, will still be able to receive multiple DLCs all free of charge.

Yes, you read that right. Free. These DLCs would have cost you a buck here and there, but the developers have opened them up to eveyrone who has purchased the game before. So, what is included in all of these free DLCs?

What Do You Get With Free DLCs?

So, some of the best parts of the free DLCs is the fact that you'll be receiving multiple content packages that include new stories, a new map and new cosmetics. The announcement came on Twitter on May 5, 2022 via the official Twitter channel.

So let's quickly go over all the free content you will get with these Dying Light DLCs:

  • The Following
  • The Bozak Horde
  • Crash Test Skin Pack
  • Ultimate SUrvivor Bundle
  • Cuisine & Cargo

These were all included in the initial Enhanced Edition of the game, but now anyone who has purchased Dying Lights can have a go at all these different DLCs.

How to Get the Dying Light DLCs

Getting them is quite simple. All you need to do is follow the steps below and you'll have lots of brand new content for your game.

  1. Go into Game Menu
  2. Select DLC Packs

Seriously, it's just those two steps. You'll be able to see the DLCs and download them as you please. That is if you didn't already have them before. You should definitely check out Dying Light: The Following since this DLC opens up a whole new story to the player.