329 Million Deaths: This Is The Most Deadly Boss In Elden Ring

One year after release, official stats for Elden Ring have been released, revealing how often players died and which boss is the deadliest, among other cool facts.

Elden Ring Malenia Radahn
Official Elden Ring stats finally decide the battle between Malenia and Radahn. | © Bandai Namco

Elden Ring is already a year old, and to celebrate the occasion, publisher Bandai Namco flexed hard on us and released a bunch of stats related to what players got up to in the game. And yes, that includes how often we’ve died. Awkward…

The stats also reveal how most players died, which spells were used most, and which bosses were the toughest. Come on, guess who is number 1 in that category.

Elden Ring After 1 Year: Billions Of Deaths, This Boss Is Responsible For Most Of Them

The number 1 boss players had most issues with is – drum roll please – Malenia! Wow, color me surprised. Quickly after release, she already became notorious as one of the hardest bosses in FromSoftware history. And now we have numbers to prove it.

Players started over 329 million attempts against her, with at least a couple of mill probably being on account of the legend Let Me Solo Her. Behind her, with considerable distance, is Margit (281 mil), followed by Limgrave Tree Sentinel (277 mil), the bastard Radagon (148 mil) and Radahn (139 mil).

Elden Ring Stats Part 1
Malenia is now officially the baddest. | © Bandai Namco

While Malenia is responsible for a lot of the “over 9 billion” deaths, there are some other major causes. The most curious stat here is that 14% of players died by… falling? What are y’all doing, seriously…

Last and very much least is the list of top 5 spells and incantations. Honestly, I expected the FromSoft community to be a lot more creative than to run around with Rock Sling and Blessing of the Erdtree. Shout out to my boy Gurranq and Bestial Sling though, love seeing that so high up.

Elden Ring Stats Part 2
Seriously, Rock Sling? Bah... | © Bandai Namco

It’s really cool to see these stats and think back to my own adventure in Elden Ring. Definitely has me hyped for Shadow of the Erdtree again, can’t wait to come back to the Lands Between. Even though we might have to wait a while to see that coming out.