Full Hogwarts Legacy Map Leaked Ahead Of Release!

A few lucky Harry Potter fans have received Hogwarts Legacy ahead of release, and as you'd expect, many of them are eager to leak the game's content. The latest leak is a video that shows the full map, and it looks awesome.

Harry Potter Map Leaked
The full Hogwarts Legacy map has been leaked, consider this your very own Marauder's Map... | © Warner Bros

We're fast approaching the Hogwarts Legacy release date, and as many fans decide whether to pre-order the new Harry Potter RPG or not (we think it's worth it for PlayStation-users), some are lucky enough to already have their copies. We won't get into exactly how these individuals got the game early, but needless to say, they've been leaking a ton. And the latest reveal? A video of the entire Hogwarts Legacy map!

Hogwarts Legacy Map Leaked

The Hogwarts Legacy map was recently leaked, and it looks fantastic. Not only does the map show just how expansive the game is, but it has a very readable, and user-friendly design. What can we say? One more big win for the HL.

Here's a video of the map, courtesy of Reddit user u/Blu_Mxchi:

If you couldn't tell by now, this map has made us even more excited for Hogwarts Legacy. It seems Avalanche have absolutely knocked it out of the park with this game.

What do you think about the map? Was it everything you hoped for, or would you rather we had even more locations to visit in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you want to explore this puppy, you'll need a mount:

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