Leak: Halo Infinite Is Getting Emotes

Leaks suggest that Halo Infinite could be getting Emotes very soon. Could this be legit or just some complete bollocks?
Halo infinite emotes
Will there be emotes in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

A lot of Halo Infinite news seems to confront us with the image of a dripping tap: leaking, leaking, leaks. "Where is the real news," everyone has been asking, "What the bloody hell are they up to?" It's a very reasonable question, and yet again we find ourselves sitting by that same dripping tap. The drops are dripping, and the leak is leaking, but is anything really happening of any use?

Well, look, this data-miner leak might get you a bit excited, and that's very reasonable, any news is exciting at this stage. I mean, here's a review of the last couple of weeks: Fracture Tenrai has returned and is ending, we've seen a few Season 2 leaks, and Certain Affinity might be working on a Battle Royale. Is there anything that you have noticed about these three pieces of news? Only one of them is real, solid news.

Two out of the three topics, so 66 percent, are either leaks or rumors. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing real, nothing clear. It's frustrating, isn't it? Where the hell is the news, 343? Where are the real announcements? Anyway, enough ranting, here's the latest leaking tap: Halo Infinite might be getting Emotes. Really? Oh, for goodness' sake...

Leak Suggests That Intro Emotes Are Coming To Halo Infinite

Dataminer @halodotapi has discovered a piece of code in Halo Infinite's game files that says "IntroEmotePath", implying that we may be getting Emotes in the game. This probably has something to do with the intro section of each match, where you see your Spartan standing with their team in formation, ready to blast away their opponents.

Now, what we imagine that this would be is some kind of gesture or movement that would be made by your Spartan, depending on the Emote that was selected. It would be some kind of expansion on the Stance system that the game already features.

We imagine that it is very possible that we may see this introduced with Season 2, but with Co-Op coming later in Season 2, and Forge still not out until Season 3, it does seem rather unlikely. After all, there are far more important things to work on, fix, and introduce before they launch rubbish like Emotes.

I mean, honestly, is this really the best they can do? I honestly hope that this is just a coincidence and not an actual plan. Sure, Emotes could potentially be cool, but we have been waiting for real, new content, for months now. This wouldn't be that. Get on with that, not this.