Hogwarts Legacy: Player Discovers Legendary Basilisk

A Slytherin student has spotted the Basilisk in Hogwarts Legacy, the legendary monster from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

Basilisk hogwarts
Is the legendary Basilisk truly in Hogwarts Legacy? | © Warner Bros Studios

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with numerous hidden collectibles and Easter eggs that reference the popular "Harry Potter" books. While players have been busy studying spells, attending classes, and exploring famous locations, some have been on the lookout for hidden secrets in the game.

A player has discovered an Easter egg of the Basilisk, a monster from the "Chamber of Secrets". This discovery is one of the most exciting secrets in the game and is sure to pique the interest of fans, particularly those who are familiar with the lore surrounding the Basilisk's role in the second book and film.

As players, you can not only visit the infamous bathroom that serves as the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets but can also complete quests related to Salazar Slytherin and his plans for the chamber. As fans of the "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" story will recall, one critical aspect of Slytherin's plan was to conceal a massive basilisk within the chamber. Based on reports, it appears that this same basilisk can be found in the Hogwarts Legacy, which is an exciting nod to the original storyline.

Hogwarts Legacy Basilisk Discovered

A video clip uploaded by Twitter user CastielJA shows what appears to be the basilisk from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" sliding past the Slytherin common room in Hogwarts Legacy. The player in the clip tries to approach the basilisk by running up the stairs, but the stairs suddenly turn into a ramp and prevent the player from getting a closer look (which happens when you try and go into the wrong dormitory).

It is currently unclear how Slytherin players can trigger this scene with the basilisk, but as more players experience it for themselves, more information may come to light.

We'll keep you posted until we hear more. But for now, perhaps some light reading to start your Hogwarts journey?