Hogwarts Legacy: Forget Avada Kedavra – Boring Noob Spell Turns Out To Be Super Powerful

So you thought Avada Kedavra was the most powerful spell in Hogwarts Legacy? Well think again! Wingardium Leviosa is completely broken right now...

Boring Noob Spell Turns Out To Be Super Powerful
The most powerful spell in Hogwarts Legacy is... what?! | © Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy has been released for a few weeks now, but while you might be busy finishing the last Merlin trials and capturing all the shiny beasts, other players have been discovering all the most cheesy combat builds.

The best spells in Hogwarts Legacy seem kind of obvious, but there's one utility spell that most fans are sleeping on: Wingardium Leviosa. This thing is wild in combat, let's take a look.

Hogwarts Legacy: Wingardium Leviosa Shocks Fans When Used In Combat

Fans are just now discovering how powerful Wingardium Leviosa is when used in combat in Hogwarts Legacy. This spell can be used to pick up objects and then throw at enemies, and for some reason the objects do a ton of damage, even against the worst enemies in the game.

Here's a good clip from Sarthegames on TikTok to show the destructive power of Wingardium Leviosa:


This spell is SO fun! #hogwartslegacy #hogwarts #fyp

Harry Potter Fantasy Magic School(1007285) - Hamo

Look, it clearly wasn't intended as a combat spell, but if it works this good, why not?

How are you doing with your Hogwarts Legacy playthrough? Have you found all those pesky Demiguise statues yet?

Don't forget to collect yourself a sick mount in Hogwarts Legacy:

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