Does Minecraft Legends Have Split-Screen?

Minecraft Legends has finally been released, but will players get to enjoy it with a friend in split-screen co-op?

MC Legends Split
Minecraft Legends is coming to every major platform – but does it have Split-Screen Support?. | © Mojang

Minecraft Legends is here and so far, fans are loving the new spin on the classic game. While some fans have been going at the game solo, others are tackling the campaign with a friend or a group and also taking part in the PvP mode, which supports up to eight players. However, there are some players that are still wondering exactly the co-op play works.

More specifically, these fans want to know if they can partake in split screen co-op in Minecraft Legends. Split-Screen co-op is still a way for players to experience a game with a friend in the same room as them. While the feature has been getting fazed out by many modern titles, does this also apply to Minecraft Legends? Read below to find out exactly how splitscreen co-op works in the new spinoff title.

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Split-screen Co-op in Minecraft Legends

In the original version of Minecraft, players on the Bedrock Edition of the game could play in up to four-player splitscreen. This was and still is a welcome feature for those on consoles specifically.

However, in Minecraft Legends, players do no longer have that luxury. Unfortunately, Minecraft Legends does not support split-screen co-op of any kind. This means that players will not be able to share their screen with a friend and experience the game with them on the same system.

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While players can still partake in multiplayer, they will have to be on separate devices for that to work. In multiplayer, fans can party up with three of their friends to take on another team of four in Minecraft Legends' PvP mode. This might not be the same as playing with a friend on the same device, but it's the best that players can do in Minecraft Legends.

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