MultiVersus Free Character Rotation

MultiVersus has a free character rotation, similar to other free to play games. While characters usually cost money, you can try out a selection of them without charge for a short time. See here which characters you can play for free right now.

Multi Versus Season 1
The MultiVersus free character rotation let's you try out select members of this diverse cast of fighters. | © WB Games

MultiVersus has a lot of different characters, from Batman, over Bugs Bunny to Shaggy and many more. And obviously they play very differently. So people will want to try them out before having to buy them for real money. Thankfully, the game allows you to do that by offering a free character rotation, similar to games like League of Legends.

This selection changes twice a month. We got a new character rotation with the start of MultiVersus season 1. So, let's take a look at which MultiVersus characters are completely free right now.

MultiVersus Free Character Rotation: August 15 - August 30

These are the MultiVersus characters that you can play for free in the two-week period until the end of the month:

  • Arya Stark – Assassin who deals extra damage from behind and who can stun enemies with special attacks
  • Batman – Brawler with strong melee attacks and special features like Batarangs and a grappling hook
  • LeBron JamesBrawler with strong melee attacks and projectile abilities thanks to his basketball
  • Steven Universe – Support who can cast shields for his allies

As long as characters are in the free rotation, you can fully play them without any restrictions. You can level up their Mastery and unlock cosmetics and perks, the progress will be saved. Once the free rotation changes on August 30, these characters here will go back to being locked and a new selection of the MultiVersus characters roster will become available.

If you try out a character and want to unlock them forever, you will have to buy them. Unlocking one character in MultiVersus costs either 2,000 Gold or 700 Gleamium, the game's premium currency. This translates to roughly $6.99. Once you bought access to a character, you can play them any time, independent of the free rotation. Neat!

We will update this article with every change to the free character rotation. Until then, check out our tier list to see which character could be the right one for you: