Overwatch 2 New Support Hero Lifeweaver Got Revealed And He Is Slayin'

Overwatch 2's new hero for season 4 finally got revealed. Blizzard published some pictures and a trailer of the upcoming supporter, and we already got some details about his ability kit and gameplay. Turns out we love him!

Overwatch2 lifeweaver
Overwatch 2 new support hero for season 4 is Lifeweaver | © Blizzard Entertainment

It's that time again... With the upcoming season 4, Overwatch 2 is getting a new hero. Until recently we didn't really know much about them, but now Blizzard has finally broken the silence by revealing some pictures and a trailer to us. In a recent interview with Blizzard, we also got some details about his abilities and what his gameplay will be like. The new supporter looks absolutely stunning, and I can't wait to play him myself.

Overwatch 2's New Hero: Lifeweaver | Everything We Know

Lifeweaver will be the next support hero to come to Overwatch 2. After Blizzard revealed a couple of pictures of him, fans got super hyped, and not without reason. He looks stunning and his abilities sound like they could really boost the support role in Overwatch 2.

Lifeweaver Release Date

We won't have to wait too long for this new hero, since there is only a few days left of season 3. Lifeweaver will come to Overwatch 2 with the launch of the fourth season, which is likely going to be on April 11.

Lifeweaver Abilities & Gameplay

The upcoming support hero Lifeweaver is going to have a unique playstyle and will bring exciting new mechanics to Overwatch 2. In a recent interview with Blizzard, PCGamesN found out more about his ability kit and what his gameplay will be like.

Apparently, Lifeweaver's gameplay doesn't require a lot of skill at aiming, but rather focuses on tactical positioning and time-management. Overall, he is said to be one of the more complicated heroes to master.

But just have a look yourself. Here's the official trailer:

In the interview, Blizzard stated that his abilities focus a lot on utility and that "Lifeweaver is a main healer at heart". If you ask me, this sounds quite promising for more efficient supporters, which we desperately need in Overwatch 2.

Healing Blossom

His healing powers originate from his own invention called "Biolight". Apparently, it is some sort of substance or technology that has regenerative features and allows him to heal the sick and wounded. The main healing ability is called "Healing Blossom", and can be applied to targeted allies in his surroundings. With his Rejuvenating Dash, Lifeweaver will also be able to passively heal himself whenever he is falling back or repositioning.

Thorn Volley

Of course, even a healer at heart requires the ability to defend himself. Besides the mainly utility focused features in his kit, he will also have a primary fire, called "Thorn Volley" that can deal a good amount of damage to his enemies.

Overwatch2 lifeweaver ultimate
Lifeweaver's ultimate is called "Tree of Life" | © Blizzard Entertainment

Petal Platform

Back to utility, another one of his abilities is a platform that can rise up in the air whenever an ally or even somebody from the enemy team stands on it. This will make the overall gameplay more vertical and offers a lot of new ideas in terms of combat and hero combinations with Lifeweaver. Depending on where this platform is placed on a map, I imagine that it could open up the door to some high IQ plays.

Life Grip

Every one of you who plays support knows the struggle: you see a teammate dying in the distance, but you can't make it there on time. Thankfully, Lifeweaver will be able to save his allies from offensive pushes, by pulling them towards himself and giving them a shield. This ability is called Life Grip and is something, we've never seen in a support hero.

Tree of Life (Ultimate)

Lifeweavers ultimate "Tree of Life" is not only epic and beautiful, but can also be a real lifesaver for the whole team. He can place it anywhere on the map, and it will heal allies within its range for the entire ultimate duration. Due to the fact, that it is literally a big tree, it will also be helpful to disrupt sightlines and block chokepoints.

Overwatch 2 lifeweaver symmetra
Lifeweaver and Symmetra could work out great as a duo | © Blizzard Entertainment

Lifeweaver's Connection To The Overwatch Lore

Lifeweaver is going to be the first Thai hero in Overwatch. We know that he is a graduate of the Vishkar Architect Academy, just like Symmetra. In regard to their connection in Overwatch lore, their gameplay seems to have similarities as well, since they can both spawn constructs. One of the Overwatch 2 artists, Chonlawat Thammawan also teased that "Their kit tends to work well together".

How To Unlock Lifeweaver In Overwatch

Although Blizzard hasn't officially confirmed this yet, we assume that Lifeweaver will be available in the season 4 battle pass. When Ramattra came out in season 2, he was locked in the free battle pass at tier 45. Presumably, this is also going to be the case for Lifeweaver.

That's all we know about Lifeweaver so far. Blizzard has already announced that they will soon reveal more details about him. Additionally, we can expect to see some more content in the upcoming Season 4 trailer, which will be released on April 6.

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