Overwatch 2 One-Punch Man Event: Start And End Date, All Skins & Rewards

Overwatch 2 is launching their first ever anime-collaboration soon. The One-Punch Man event will feature four awesome looking anime skins and challenges that we can look forward to. Here is everything you should know.

One punch man title
Overwatch 2 One Punch Man Event has cool new anime skins | © Blizzard Entertainment

The first ever anime collab in Overwatch 2 is going to be with One-Punch Man. The upcoming event is the first of its kind, and we're all excited to see what Blizzard has been cooking up. Maybe there are even more crossovers planned for the future? We will find out soon enough. But until then, here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man event, including the start and end date, rewards, and new skins.

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Overwatch 2 One-Punch Man Crossover Event – Start & End Date

Although this event has already been announced some weeks ago, it didn't launch with the start of season 3. The One-Punch man Crossover Event is going to take place from March 7 until the end of the current season, which is on April 6.

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All One-Punch Man Skins

This first time ever anime collaboration will feature a total of four One-Punch Man skins in Overwatch 2.


There is one Saitama Skin for Doomfist, which is basically him wearing a yellow suit and a red cape. This skin has already become a sort of meme among Overwatch players, so we're pretty sure we'll see a lot of Saitama Doomfists once the event starts.

But Doomfist is not the only lucky one who will be getting an anime skin for this event. Apart from Saitama Doomfist, three other known One-Punch Man characters will make an appearance in Overwatch 2.

Mumen Rider & Terrible Tornado

Very soon, Soldier 76 is going to get dressed as Mumen Rider, and Kiriko will turn up for this Anime Event in a brilliant Terrible Tornado costume. Terrible Tornado refers to the powerful One-Punch Man hero, also known as Tatsumaki.

Let me tell you, Kiriko with those emerald green eyes and green hair is the perfect example of what I want to see in the future of unique Overwatch 2 skins. You'll be able to get the Legendary Terrible Tornado Kiriko skin as part of a bundle for 2100 coins in the in-game store.


The latest one to be revealed is a Genos Genji skin. Although it looks a bit wack if we compare the skin to Genos' look from the anime, it's just the perfect fit for a character like Genji, because just like the original, who always gets wrecked in the anime, he constantly needs healing.

One Punch man header
All four One-Punch Man Skins in Overwatch 2 | © Blizzard Entertainment

As with every Overwatch 2 event, we can look forward to some neat challenges and most likely even a limited-time game mode.

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