Really Bad News For The Perfect Dark Remaster

You never want a game director to leave a game while it's in development... but that is exactly what happened to Perfect Dark.

Perfect dark HQ
All of this is now without... direction? Why does this always happen in gaming? | © The Initiative

Dan Neuberger is out. The Perfect Dark remake game director has left the game's development company The Initiative after four years. The news was first reported by VGC, and since then, Neuburger's LinkedIn profile has revealed that he has in fact left his position at The Initiative and is open for work.

Is Perfect Dark In Development Hell?

Losing Neuburger is a huge blow, because the man was responsible for the Tomb Raider remakes, so he knows a thing or two about returning games to former greatness.

Whether the Perfect Dark development is in trouble is unknown, but anyone will tell you that losing the game's director after four years is a bad sign. Maybe even more troubling is the fact that we hardly ever hear anything about Perfect Dark. Outside of the game's initial announcement, nothing is known about the game. Now, I wouldn't go ahead and scream that it is in development hell, but I can state that I'm open to being colored doubtful.

If you didn't know, Perfect Dark is a remake of a N64 classic by the same name. In fact, next to GoldenEye 007 (which is also getting a remake), Perfect Dark was arguably the greatest shooter of its time, so at least for 90s kids like me, this game comes with a lot of expectation.