Summoners War Chronicles: AFK Farming Tips

Everything you need to know about the AFK farming advantage in Summoners War Chronicles.

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AFK farming is a technique that allows you to progress in a game without actively playing. There are different methods of AFK farming such as killing monsters or fishing, but investing gold in bait may be required for the latter.

In the early stages of the game, it is recommended to farm monsters instead, either in the level-like scenario or hero area, depending on your server's availability. After reaching the second continent, called Tesca, focus on getting faint magicals, as they are used in crafting recipes, upgrading items and runes, and leveling up professions.

AFK farming is also a good way to level up Summoners and monsters, especially overnight by choosing any unit that is not maxed out in the creature book.

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To maximize drops, ensure that your team is not dying frequently, and choose less populated areas or switch to empty channels to get all rewards.

Summoners War Chronicles: AFK Farming Tips

One of the common questions for Summoners War Chronicles is about AFK Farming, including how to do it, where to do it, and when to do it. The advantage of Summoners War Chronicles is that you can comfortably run everything in the background like in a mobile game. This would not work with a normal PC game. Therefore, you should make use of this advantage that the game works equally for both devices.

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AFK farming is the act of leaving your device on, letting it automatically farm units in a game to gain experience points, account levels, and obtain items such as magic cores, mystical scrolls, and crystals. To begin AFK farming, players can go to their creature book and select a unit that they have not fully cleared yet.

It is recommended to clear at least the 50 level to obtain rewards. Some bosses are harder to farm due to their location, but players can reset their position by walking back to their reset point. Bosses typically respawn every 20 seconds, allowing for continuous farming.

If you want to optimize your progression, it depends on how much you play or have the game running. If you can manually play the game, you should do your dailies, Arena, enhance equipment, upgrade your heroes, and complete your guild requests manually.

However, if you're going to be away from the game for a short period of time, you can AFK farm in your Karos dungeons or Path of Growth.

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If you have more time, you can progress in TOA, climb the tower, or do repeat requests. Expedition is also a good place to AFK farm, but it's more of a hero and gear check, and the rewards are not as good as other places.

It's best to choose the location depending on what you need, such as crafting outfits in dangerous challenges or farming breath.

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