Valve "Working To Improve Things" For Disgruntled Team Fortress 2 Players

TF2 has been near unplayable for years due to the huge amount of bots that plague servers.
Team Fortress 2
Valve says "we hear you!" over long-standing TF2 bot issues. | © Valve

Valve has made a public declaration to improve the state of Team Fortress 2 after a fan-led protest that highlighted the issue of bots plaguing servers making the game unplayable for real players.

In a tweet, the first of two years on the official Team Fortress 2 Twitter, the developers said: "We hear you!"

"We love this game and know you do, too. We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things."
Team Fortress 2 developers

The response comes after #SaveTF2 began trending on Twitter with a number of prominent community members starting a campaign, which they describe as a "peaceful protest", in an effort to get the developers to take notice and fix their game.

TF2 Botting Problem Goes Viral

The issue is that many servers are overrun with bots that spam messages, have flawless aim, and more recently, have begun kicking human players according to a report in IGN.

The bot issues go back as far as June 2020, when a report in Eurogamer claimed that the game was infested with "racist bots" which spammed the in-game chat with derogatory messages. Valve twice made efforts to curb these trolling bots but to little effect.

This current campaign originated from a post made on May 26 on the Team Fortress 2 subreddit which, at the time of writing, has 39K upvotes.

"TF2 is in an unplayable state," reads the attached image.

Let's all get together and SAVE TF2! (Read comments) from tf2

"We creators have decided to unite and share our love and care for TF2! Will you join us?"

While TF2 has had no major updates in over two years the game remains hugely popular rarely falling out of the top ten most-played games on Steam. Hopefully, Valve respects its dedicated community and works to fix the issues that are plaguing the game.

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