Best Skin Lines of 2021

In 2021, we got a whole lot of new skins. Some were added to already existing skin lines, while others explore new worlds, so which ones were the best, and which were the worst of 2021?

Best Skin Lines of 2021 Tier List
Do you agree? | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

Over 100 skins were released in 2021. We got some that were total bangers and some we think aren't Riot's best work. This isn't to take away from any of the artists that have worked on these skins, but we decided to make a tier list of the best and worst skin lines released in 2021.

We are going to go over each of the tiers, explaining why we felt that some skin lines ended up in the dumpster or why we've already spent all our hard-earned RP on them. So let's begin!

S-Tier Skin Lines of 2021:

Only three skin lines have made it into the S-Tier of 2021. These are the skin lines that had a unique and interesting feel to them, stood out from the rest and the champion skins in each skin line had something special about them.

  • Arcana: The Arcana skin line was newly introduced in 2021, and it's absolutely stunning. Even the Tahm Kench skin looks amazing and making the catfish look good is a feat that deserves at least A-tier all on its own.
  • Shan Hai Scrolls: Another new skin line introduced this year. This skin line has some insanely cool art, especially the splash arts, which is inspired by ancient Chinese images, and we're here for it. Seriously, this was such a unique and interesting concept we had to put it at the top of our 2021 skin line tier list.
  • Blackfrost: Blackfrost got two champion skins in 2021 and both are exceptionally well done. The skins fit the theme and the attention to detail on them is truly magnificent. The Vel'Koz Blackfrost skin is especially detailed and cool for any lore lovers out there.

A-Tier Skin Lines in 2021:

The A-Tier has some of the best skins of the year in there, but we felt that these skin lines also had a few skins in them that weren't as good as the S-Tier skin lines which were just filled with banger skins.

  • Coven/Eclipse: This haute-couture-inspired skin line is magnificent. Even the 'old god' skins for Warwick and Malphite look incredible, but there was just something missing for us to put these skins into the S-tier.
  • Bee Skins: Alright, these are just fun and cute skins. Not everything has to be dark, sinister and lore-based, right? So of course, the bee skins are going to be A-tier because they're adorable and cute.
  • Nightbringer/Dawnbringer: These skins were extremely well-made. The difference between sweet and cute Lillia and her Nightbringer counterpart is also well-made, but the Vex skin was lacking a bit in our opinion – which is understandable since Vex was supposed to get a different skin at first and things had to be shuffled around ahead of her release.
  • Battle Academia: The Battle Academia skins were really fun skins as well this year and had a unique spin to them. The release of the Legends of Runeterra Battle Academia skins also helped flesh out the universe and gave this skin line an extra push into the A-Tier.
  • Phoenix Skins: These skins are beautiful. Sure, Anivia is in need of a newer model, so the skin can actually look as pretty as it should, but Xayah and Seraphine rock this look.
  • Space Groove: A new skin line introduced in 2021, and it's absolutely doing what it is supposed to do. It's fun, unique and the champions chosen for the skin line fit perfectly. Blitz and Crank are probably the best skin of 2021.
DAMWON 2020 worlds skins splash HD
This years Worlds skins have a unique feel to them! | © Riot Games

B-Tier Skin Lines of 2021:

These skin lines were well-made but rather average compared to the previous ones. They didn't wow us as much as the A and S tier – duh – but we still thought these were quality skins that deserve a shout-out.

  • Pool Party: We got two pool party skins and as a Sett main – and Braum fan – I was quite happy with the skins, but these aren't skins for everyone – clearly. They're good for what they're there for, but they aren't superb.
  • Cafe Cuties: One of the newest skin lines that came out recently, and it's a cute and fun skin line, turning Tibbers into a giant teddy bear and all, but this wasn't a skin line that had our jaws drop.
  • Bewitching: This year, we got more bewitching skins and these fit into the concept so well. Yuumi got her own black-Halloween cat skin, but other than that, it wasn't a truly memorable skin line.
  • DAMWON Worlds Skins: For anyone who isn't a huge esports fan these are still great skins. They are based on ancient Greek gods which gives them a unique concept and the players chose champions they truly excelled on during the event.
  • Pentakill Lost Chapter: The concert was great fun and the skins were good too, but honestly, the original Pentakill skins are still better than these. We really liked the whole concert event surrounding the skins though, and it truly brought together the League of Legends community.
  • Debonair 2.0: The JoJo reference saved this skin line. No, just kidding. This skin line was good, but many fans wanted a little more from these skins since they were voted on by the community.
  • Dragonmancer: These were really cool skins and the lore behind them is great. We also got a glimpse of the Kai'Sa skin thanks to the 2021 Worlds song, which was cool, but overall, these skins weren't as great as some of the other ones that were released this year.
  • Astronaut: These are fun skins and just cute. They do what they have to do – much like the bee skins – and are fun to use. The space meeps are cute and a cool concept to add into the skins as well.

C-Tier Skin Lines of 2021:

These are the skin lines that we believe could have been incredible but sadly didn't hit the mark. They're still good skins, but compared to all the previous skins these were the ones that we felt were easily forgotten or just overlooked due to being a bit average.

  • Sentinel: We had such high hopes for the sentinel event and everything happening in Runeterra. Sadly, it didn't play out the way we, or Riot, had wanted, and the skins released for the event ended up just as forgotten.
  • PROJECT: The only skin we remember from this skin line was Mordekaiser – because he causes computers to crash. There are so many PROJECT skins that the ones released in 2021 didn't stand out sadly.
  • Marauder: Truth be told, we forgot these skins were even released in 2021. They're decent skins with an interesting concept, but there were better Marauder skins released before.
  • Crime City Nightmare: These were skins fans were excited about all year thanks to the community vote. Sadly, the skins did not live up to player expectations, and they were some of the most disappointing skins in 2021.
  • Ruined Skins: These are some more skins that were part of the ruination event. They came out very early in the year, but were still some of the more forgettable skins. Miss Fortune is the only one we truly remember and that's thanks to 'Ruined King: A League of Legends Story'.
  • Arcane: These skins are well-made and very pretty, but they weren't that special. For free skins, they're pretty good, and we surely aren't complaining, but we aren't going to spend 975 RP on them.
  • Championship: This year's Championship skin went to Jarvan and overall, this was a decent championship skin, but it wasn't anything to be too excited over.
Hextech tristana
There are better Hextech skins out there. | © Riot Games

D-Tier Skin Lines of 2021:

These are the skins we do remember, but for all the wrong reasons. They aren't the best skins and are probably those we won't be spending money on any time soon. There are various reasons why, but we'll go over them right now.

  • Cyberpop: This is a cool skin line, but Akshan just doesn't fit the concept for some reason. We understand why Zoe is part of this universe, but Akshan just feels out of place here.
  • Dragon Slayer/Dragon Guardian: These skins just didn't hit the mark. Kayle is a bit underwhelming, and we wished for something more when she hit level 16. Also, where is Morgana at? Give her a skin thematic with her sister please!
  • Crystal and Withered Rose: Just look at Talon and Swain. Why is he so young all of a sudden? This skin line... we understand what Riot was going for, and it was a Valentine's Day skin line, but it just feels a bit forced.
  • Unbound: Do we even need to say anything about Unbound Thresh? Sure, he was free, but would you spend all your hard-earned tokens on this skin? Riot did fix him up a little, but it's still not a skin worth spending much RP on.
  • Lunar Beast: This concept is interesting and unique, but the execution failed. It just seems a bit all over the place which makes these champions feel awkward in the skin line.
  • Hextech: The Tristana Hextech skin is nice, but it wasn't anything to boast about either. There are so many better and more unique Hextech skins out there like Hextech Swain and Kassadin.

These are all the skin lines released in 2021 rated. Do you agree with this rating? Which skins would you switch up? Let us know on Facebook!