New LoL Fright Night Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

Riot already revealed the League of Legends Fright Night skins during their August Champion Roadmap and LoL fans were blown away by their Tim Burton inspired looks. Finally the skins have hit PBE, but which champions has Riot included in this revamped skin line?

Fright Night Urgot
League of Legends: Urgot somehow reminds me of Blitzcrank in this splash... but I love the aesthetic. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is slowly working on making some of their older content new once more. Whether that is through skin revamps or champion updates. Sometimes old is new, right? That's exactly what Riot went for when they revealed the brand-new gothic skins, now renamed Fright Night.

Instead of going for the usual victorian gothic style, which the original skins seemed to have been based off of, this time Riot went for an urban gothic style which reminds us all of our favorite Tim Burton classics like 'Nightmare Before Christmas'. Let's check out everything we know about these upcoming skins.

New LoL Skins: Fright Night Champions

Riot is going to release Fright Night skins for six champions. While the original skin line encompassed Amumu, Orianna and Annie, it seems like only one of those three will be making a comeback with this revamped skin line though.

  • Fright Night Annie
  • Fright Night Renata Glasc
  • Fright Night Nautilus
  • Fright Night Trundle
  • Fright Night Urgot
  • Fright Night Draven

Is one of the best pentakill champions getting a Fright Night skin? Let's find out!

How Much Will the Fright Night Skins Cost?

These skins are all going to be epic skins. Yes, you read that right. Not a single skin is going to be costing you more than 1350 RP. Prestige skin? Get out of here with that! Legendary skin? No, thank you, we want to celebrate the spooky season and epic skins work just fine for that.

Could you even imagine any of these skins as 'high fashion' which is the approach Riot seems to be making with the new reworked Prestige Skin system... though a high fashion Fright Night Urgot would be kind of sexy, not going to lie...

Is Riot Making a Fright Night Event?

For this skin line we are not going to be getting an event. Why? Because it's the League of Legends World Championship, that's why! So we will be getting a World Championship event instead, much like Riot had during the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. It is going to work like any other event though, but we will get Worlds tokens instead... maybe some viewer missions as well for free tokens?

New LoL Fright Night Skins Release Date

These skins are all going to be released on Wednesday, September 21 with LoL Patch 12.18. In this patch Riot will also update the Mythic Shop with a new seasonal mythic, as well as new prestige skins. Oh, and let's not forget the new World Championship skin has already revealed on the PBE server. A lot of cosmetics hittingt he rift, so get ready guys!