League of Legends Is A Boomer Game According To Nadeshot

100T CEO, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag recently went on the 100 Thieves Podcast, in which he opened up about the abrupt retirement of mid laner Søren" Bjergsen" Bjerg, as well as the current growth state of League of Legends as a whole.

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League of Legends: Is the game dying in North America? | © 100Thieves

League of Legends is having a rough time at the moment. During a recent episode of the 100 Thieves podcast, their CEO Nadeshot opened up about why he thinks the game is currently in decline in North America.

Nadeshot Explains Why League of Legends Is Dying

With some major esports teams for the game struggling right now and one of the biggest stars on the North American server retiring, League is in a weird spot right now.

During a podcast, the CEO of 100T, Nadeshot, commented on the current state of the game and it is looking kinda grim.

“League of Legends is just tough right now,” he said. “When you ask a 16-year-old kid [about] the first game they play when they get home from school, if you poll a hundred 16-year-olds I’d say maybe five of them are going home to play League of Legends,”.

Perhaps Riot anticipated this, because they seem to focus more on their other titles, like Valorant at the moment and have been working on more and more new titles.

Looking at the active player base, it appears stable, but Nadeshot argues: “I don’t think there’s a lot of people, or new players, coming in and trying to get better at the game,”.

It is indeed possible that interest in League of Legends is actually decreasing in NA, as viewership numbers for the LCS are tanking at the moment as well.

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We will probably only witness a noticeable decline once more players start to leave, but the only ones that can revitalize the game, are Riot Games.

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