New Gold Dominus In Rocket League: Price & Release Date

It's time to celebrate, as the Gold Dominus makes its way to Rocket League! In this article, we'll explain how long the vehicle will be available and how many credits you'll need to pay.

Best cars rocket league dominus
The Gold Dominus makes his Rocket League debut! | © Psyonix

It hasn't been long since the Titanium White Octane was featured in the Rocket League Item Shop, but now it's already time for the next big surprise: Gold Dominus is finally in the game! For the first time ever, you can get the special look via the in-game store – here's how long it will stay there and how much it actually costs...

Gold Dominus In Rocket League – Release Date & Price

The golden Dominus made his Rocket League debut on January 25, 2023 – Psyonix announced it on Twitter first and released a new RL update featuring this car soon after.

You should be quick to pick the item up, as the vehicle leaves the item store on January 27... and we don't know when it will return. You have to pay 1,100 RL credits, which is like the usual bundle price in Rocket League. Well... obviously, it's not a bundle... only a car with a different color. You'll have to decide for yourself, whether that sounds worth it or not.

Just take a look at this beauty, though... I don't own the most amazing Dominus decals, but it still looks sexy as f*ck:

Gold Dominus Rocket League
We really fancy the golden features. | © Rocket League

In The Item Shop For The First Time

Dominus (Gold) is an Exotic Car Body as well as one of the most popular and best cars in Rocket League. Its design is simply amazing and the handling out of this world #chefskiss. It also features the second best Hitbox in the game – the Dominus, duh.

If you're a Rocket League data miner, you'll know that the golden Dominus could be found in the game files for quite a while now. We've waited a long time for it to become a purchasable item in the store. Let's just hope that enough people will buy this beauty and Psyonix decides to release even more golden versions of popular vehicles... just imagine what the Octane or Fennec would look like.

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