Rocket League Update V2.12: Season 6 Patch Notes

Rocket League Season 6 is dropping, and that means a brand-new update. Let's take a look at what was introduced in the Update V2.12 Patch Notes.
Rocket league update 2 12 patch notes
Let's take a look at Rocket League Update v2.12. | © Psyonix

The latest Rocket League Season looks to take its players to an "Animated" wonderland, fuelled by brand new cosmetic items, plenty of microtransactions, a chock-a-block full Item Shop and, of course, a brand new Update. Now, the big question here is simple: what's in the bloody thing? But what's the answer? Well, it's a little complicated, and we're not ready to dive in just yet.

So! Here's how this is going to work. We don't want to waste your time. We do want your eyes to stay stiffly peeled to this page for as long as humanly possible, though. Thus, once you're all done with this bad-boy, don't forget to check out our guide to. What's the rank distribution? Well, click on that darn link! How is Halo Infinite going at the moment? That seems a little bit irrelevant, but hey, Halo's a much better and much more relevant game than Rocket League, so we'll allow it! Let's get on with things.

Here you are, everything you could possibly want to know. We're going to take a look at what Season 6's Update 2.12 is bringing to Rocket League, we're going to reveal where you can download it and when, and then we're going to give you the full Patch Notes straight out of the arse of Psyonix themselves. Delicious. Enjoy.

What's in Rocket League Update 2.12?

Rocket League v2.12 prepares the game for Season 6 and introduces a variety of changes and updates, as well as a vast selection of bug fixes. In terms of the new season, this includes the introduction of the new Arena, new items and more. As the Patch Notes reveal, though, we're seeing a large assortment of bug fixes also bumped, with most of them focusing on fixing particular issues with specific cosmetic items. This is all very exciting for Rocket League fans, and is something that we've been waiting for ever since Rocket League Season 5 burst onto the scene back in November, boring us so thoroughly that we were ready to eat our own hats...

When is the Rocket League Update 2.12 Release Date?

Rocket League's latest update, V2.12, will be available on March 8, 2022 at 4PM PST, or March 9, 2022 at 12AM UTC. Yes, it is already available for download and is all rip-roaring and ready to go. Keep in mind that you may encounter the Version Mismatch Error, as is very common when new updates drop. Also keep in mind that the actual Season 6 content won't be available to play until the Season officially releases later on March 9, 2022.

Where is Update 2.12 Available?

Rocket League Update 2.12 is available on all Rocket League-available platforms. They are as listed below.

  • Epic Games Store (PC)
  • Steam (PC)
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

Rocket League Update 2.12 Patch Notes

Following are the complete patch notes for Rocket League Update 2.12, as taken from Psyonix's official press release. The press release is available here and will also give you access to further information on the game, if we have missed anything.

Update 2.12 Patch Notes: New Content

  • New Arena Variant: ‘Neo Tokyo (Comic) is now available in Private Matches and Free Play.

Update 2.12 Patch Notes: Changes and Updates

  • Report/Block Player Menu:
    • The Mute/Report Player menu has changed to ‘Report/Block Player’.
    • Blocking a player from the Report/Block Player menu will prevent you from seeing their text chat during a match:
      • This will also block you from hearing that player in voice chat when it becomes available in the future.
    • Blocking a player carries over between matches.
    • You can unblock players from the same Report/Block Player menu.
    • Blocking a player you are friends with through Epic Games will remove them from your Epic Games friends list.
    • The ‘Mute All’ button has been removed: If you prefer to play with text chat muted, you can go to Settings -Chat - Text Chat Settings, and make changes there.
  • Soundtracks: ‘Rocket League OST Vol. 1’ and ‘Rocket League OST Vol. 2’ music playlists have been removed from the game.

Update 2.12 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes

  • [PlayStation] Fixed a crash scenario involving four-player splitscreen.
  • [PC] Fixed a bug causing framerate cap to reset on start or when opening the Settings menu.
  • Fixed a trading error when attempting to trade equipped Avatar Borders and Player Banners.
  • Fixed a notification display error when looking at new items.
  • The SARPBC Theme Player Anthem now plays correctly when streamer safe is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug causing Painted Samurai Car Bodies to lose color on trim when using its Common Decals.
  • Fixed localization for Tournament queue text.
  • Fixed appearance of several Painted Excavator Trails.
  • Fixed a bug causing XVII Decal to change trim color on Marauder.
  • Centered several Decals for the Insidio Car Body.
  • The 50th Anniversary and Hot Wheels Race Team Decals for Fast 4WD and MR11 will now change colors when switching teams.
  • Fixed Exo and Planetarium Paint Finishes on Gizmo.
  • Fixed a Paint Finish error when using the 2020 Team Liquid decal on Fennec Car Body.

So there you have it! The complete patch notes for Rocket League Update 2.12. Pretty neat, right? Yeah it's fine. I mean it's Rocket League. Cars kicking footballs with cosmetic items equipped to make them looking increasingly silly. Did you really expect anything else?