First MW2 Multiplayer Map Revealed | Some New And Interesting Settings

The first Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer map was officially revealed, and this is all the info we have on the new map, Marina Bay Grand Prix.

MWII Grand Prix
A map on a F1 track. | © Activision

During the CDL Champs on the Sunday where the LA Thieves beat Atlanta FaZe, we got some new info regarding MW2. The CoD pros weren't the only thing taking center stage during the CDL champs, but we also got some info regarding Call of Duty's next big event, and we got a look at one of the upcoming multiplayer maps.

Marina Bay Grand Prix

The first officially revealed MW2 multiplayer map is called 'Marina Bay Grand Prix', and is based on the F1 track in Singapore. You get a small overview of the map in this trailer:

We'll be fighting it out on parts of the track, in pit stops, and in a building right next to the track. This map was designed after the three lane principle, which known CoD leaker Phantom__Ice pointed out. He took a closer look at the map, and shared his thoughts in a Twitter thread.

The middle part of the map will be dominated by close quarter engagements, while the two outer lanes provide linger lanes of sight. We can expect a lot of sniper and LMG campers on those lines of sight. SMG players will have to stick to the middle of the map.

The layout and the color scheme is more typical of a Treyarch style Call of Duty, but we ain't complaining, since Treyarch has always made great maps, while Infinity Ward... well, let's say it's a good move to copy Treyarch. Infinity Ward has always made some great guns, so maybe, we will get the best of both worlds in this CoD.